Sunday, March 29, 2009

OLX - Free Classifieds Worldwide

Hi Everyone, Have you heard of OLX? They describe themselves in the press release they sent us as: "The largest free classifieds site no one’s ever heard of!"

But unlike the inference, it appears that the folks at OLX know exactly what they are doing:

  • Launched in June 2006;
  • Over 50 million unique visitors per month;
  • 400 million page views per month;
  • Almost 2 million new ads are posted monthly;
  • OLX has raised $28.5 million in funding since March 2006;
  • OLX has offices spread over the globe with 125 employees working out of New York, Buenos Aires, Beijing, and Moscow; and
  • OLX is now present in 84 countries and 36 languages, but Americans are not likely to have heard of OLX because its popularity lies mainly outside of the United States in places like Spain, India, Portugal, Mexico, South America, China, and the Philippines.

One of the co-founders of OLX, Fabrice Grinda, was previously:

"...the founder and CEO of Zingy Inc., which he built into one of the largest wireless media companies in the Americas, while successfully closing deals with some of the top wireless providers in the world. Within four years, Fabrice successfully grew the business to $200 million in content sales before selling the business in 2004 for $80 million." Smart guy.

If you need a free, worldwide classifieds site, OLX might be for you.

Best wishes, Andrea.


GutsyWriter said...

That sounds fabulous. I wonder how it differs from Craig's list?

Anonymous said...

Look like they are in more countries than Craiglist.
Also it seems that OLX is more advanced from a technologic point of view: search engine, how to manage ads...

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