Monday, March 9, 2009

Motherhood and Me, by Lindy Bruce

Hi Everyone, Each month, we get sent a couple of books by authors/publishers to review for a potential feature on Expat Women. Some books get featured, some do not.

Today, I just finished reading our review copy of Motherhood and Me by Lindy Bruce (a South African who spent four years in Canada with her young family, before repatriating).

With a quote from O (the Oprah magazine) on the cover, I was hoping it would be worth my while... and it certainly was. Lindy's book completely surprised me and I highly recommend it.

In short, Lindy talks about the path to personal rediscovery, during/post motherhood. But she does so in a very easy-to-read, intelligent way, that really resonates with the reader and earns the reader's respect, unlike other books that seem like they are just trying to profit from the 'make-mothers-feel-good' market.

I think the following part of Lindy's prologue sums her book up best:

"Motherhood takes us on a journey. We think the journey is about learning how to love, nurture and support our children, but the further along the road we travel, the more we realise that the journey is actually about learning how to love, nurture and support ourselves! This is the incredible gift of motherhood, the opportunity it gives us to grow, evolve and expand; the opportunity it gives us to see and know ourselves better.

Yet in reality, motherhood can take you to a place where you feel like you've shrunk; where you feel as if you've forgotten what's true; where you can no longer see what you're passionate about; and where you feel like you've forgotten who you are. There is a gift in this harsh reality of motherhood. You can only start looking for something once you realise it's lost. This book will take you on a journey of rediscovery in which you may find what you think you've lost."

Along the way, I couldn't help but find parallels between motherhood and being a trailing spouse/partner, in terms of the impact on one's identity and self-esteem.

In conclusion, if you could do with a dose of 'me-time', grab Lindy's book and/or attend one of her workshops (in South Africa). I believe it would be time well spent. Congrats Lindy.

(PS. I will interview Lindy for our Expat Women April Newsletter. Look out for the interview there. Thanks.)

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GutsyWriter said...

What a great idea. I think she summed up it up perfectly and I plan on posting a blog about her concept which I think is so helpful to women. I'm so happy for her and wish her nothing but success. I shall contact her and if she's ever on a book tour in California, I can help her contact the Newport Beach Library Foundation to present her book. Thank you for introducing us to Lindy Bruce.

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