Saturday, March 14, 2009

Newcomers Club Mexico City & Trafimar Relocations

Hi Everyone, A great big thank you to the Newcomers Club Mexico City and to our valued Gold Sponsor, Trafimar Relocations, for organising the two events in Mexico City that I spoke at this week about 'Inspiring Your Success Abroad'.

If you are an expat in Mexico who has not yet joined the Newcomers Club, I highly recommend that you do. Not only do they have wonderful people and a wide of variety of events/activities for members, but they also recently produced The Guide: An Insider's Guide to Mexico City - which is a fabulous 'bible' of member recommendations for anyone living in Mexico - and which is being given free to all members of the club.

And of course if you are ever moving to/from Mexico, or know someone who is, please support Trafimar Relocations, who kindly support Expat Women and also support Newcomers Club projects.

Many thanks and best wishes, Andrea.

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