Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Expat Women March Home Page & Newsletter

Hi Everyone, We have just started to send out our March Newsletter, so if you are an Expat Women Member, you should receive it in the next 24 hours. If you do not receive it, please let us know here.

If you have not joined but would like to, please support us by doing so here, then check our March Newsletter online to see the edition that you have just missed. Thanks.

Success Story
Gry Tina Tinde
Gry Tina Tinde leads the UNHCR’s Women Leading for Livelihoods (WLL) program, which aims to develop skills and business opportunities for refugee women, funded and guided by executive and philanthropic women...

Business Idea
Ashley Hunter
HM Risk Group
Join us as we talk to Ashley Hunter and find out how an African-American woman from Texas with an undergraduate degree in music, classically-trained in violin and vocals, came to be working in insurance in Bahrain...

Multicultural Business
Mind Your Multicultural Manners:
It’s Good for Business
Lisa La Valle-Finan
Unless you have been living in a cave lately, you are probably experiencing considerable anxiety about the global economic crisis. This emotion is immediately followed by further panic when recruiters or employers are asking you to ’go global’...

Expat Confession
Pregnant in Vietnam
EW Girlfriend
We are newlyweds and decided to take the opportunity of a lifetime when my husband’s company asked if we would be keen to move abroad with his job. We have been in Vietnam for 4 months now and so far so good... However, I just found out that I am pregnant! I am petrified about giving birth here...

Inspirational Quest
An Ethiopian Odyssey
Annette Allen
Join us as we talk to Annette Allen – a half-Norwegian, half-British, adult TCK – about her 25,000 mile quest to discover former classmates, inspired by a dream of bringing clean water to Ethiopia...

Money Matters
5 Financial Steps to Take Before Moving Abroad
Maxim Global Wealth Advisors
Planning a move to another country is an exciting, but daunting undertaking which requires significant planning and preparation... and expats often fail to arrange their financial lives properly before making their move...

Winning Story
Our Third-Culture Family
Congratulations Sarah! (An American in México)
We spent four years as repatriates, and honestly the first two were especially difficult. We all felt like "aliens" walking, living, breathing among the human beings, and that often talked about feeling of being the "hidden immigrant" began to take on a new meaning...

Special Mention
A special mention also goes out to Melissa (a Brit in Thailand) for her story Blood, Sweat & Fears, which is not in our newsletter, but which we really enjoyed. Here's Melissa's bio, to spark your interest:

Since moving to Thailand in 2006 she has lived in Bangkok and Chiang Mai and fought professionally in boxing stadiums in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket. She has a current number one UK ranking and has fought in the UK, Thailand, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic and Switzerland. Her other interests include yoga and studying Thai language.

Win US$1000 Competition
Last but not least, if you have not yet asked your expat club/association or international school to promote us in your next newsletter, please do so soon, for their chance to Win US$1000!

Thanks Everyone, enjoy your day/evening! Andrea

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