Monday, March 9, 2009

Move Abroad To Beat The Recession Blues

Hi Everyone, Here is a recent article by Kate Hughes in The Independent (UK) that you might be interested in: Move Abroad To Beat The Recession Blues. It starts like this:

"The interest on your savings is minuscule, your pension pot has been hammered, and the value of your house is plunging. You might be made redundant – and, to cap it all, we’ve had the coldest winter in 30 years. In short, life in Britain isn’t looking great. This may be a worldwide wipeout, too, but there could be a few safer, if not entirely safe, havens to run to with what’s left of your wealth."

Kate then goes on to talk primarily about Brazil, New Zealand, China and Malaysia, Abu Dhabi and Qatar.

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Unknown said...

We retired and moved to Morocco in 95. We had previously purchased our home in Rabat on the beach and when we arrived we refurbished it to make it a live in all year round home. Living here on less than a thousand US dollars a month is possible. Food, medicines, doctors, dentists and household help is affordable. The weather is good, security is not a problem and you are able to access Europe in a matter of a few hours. You can take advatage of touring the country, the festivals, museums, theatres and even bowling, golfing and iceskating. In the larger cities shopping at huge malls where all of the famous designer shops are located can be the local souks in the smaller towns, the old medinas in the larger towns all offer a shopping paradise to those who indulge.
Fitness centers are abundant.

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