Wednesday, March 4, 2009

800 Expat Women Blogs

Hi Everyone, Thanks to your support, we now have 800 expat women blogs that have been listed on our Expat Women Blog Directory. Thank you!

The 800th blogger kindly gave us a nice (unsolicited) shout out on her blog too. One of the best blog shout out's we have read in ages. Thanks Nancy of A Shore Dive Kinda Life!


Nancy said...

Thanks Andrea - you sure deserve a shout out...and more! What a tremendous, FUN resource you've pulled together.

Something tells me I'll be reading Expat Women from Bonaire and other lovely destinations for many years to come.

PS - I noticed a funny typo in my blog's name here in your post - Diva instead of Dive. Some might say you are right on the money, however ;-)

Expat Women said...

Hi Nancy,

Many thanks for your comment. I fixed that typo on the same day, but just now when I approved your comment for publication, I couldn't take that bit out from your comment, sorry. Either way, it's fixed. :-)

Best wishes, Andrea.

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