Sunday, March 29, 2009

Anita Roddick & Jack Canfield Videos

Hi Everyone, I watched an interesting, six-minute video with Anita Roddick (aka Mrs Body Shop), thanks to a link in the Women Unlimited e-newsletter last week. Anita talks about what it really meant to her to be a female entrepreneur. If you were an Anita Roddick fan and/or a budding expat women entrepreneur, grab your coffee and take a look.

On the same page, you might like to also watch the one-minute, Jack Canfield (of Chicken Soup For The Soul fame) video about Planning Your Day. I watched it and it surprisingly hit home to me - as I am someone who writes a to-do list but who really does need to 'plan' my day for better effectiveness. If you are like me, maybe take a minute to watch this video too.

PS. Fifteen years on, did you know the Chicken Soup For The Soul empire are still looking for submissions to their books? I took a quick read just now of their current guidelines, and whilst they only pay US$200 if your submission is published in one of their books (plus give you 10 free copies of the book), having your name in a series like this could only be a good thing, especially if you are a writer or someone wanting to build your profile/credibility, yes?

Enjoy your week, Everyone! Andrea.

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