Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Expat Women April Home Page

Hi Everyone, We have just uploaded our Expat Women home page for April. Please take a few minutes to check out our new features and interviews, as follows:

Success Story
Anne Beitel
Executives Online
Since 2002, American Anne Beitel has been working for Executives Online in the UK - first as Marketing Director, and since January 2008, as Managing Director. In December 2008, she teamed with fellow directors to complete a management buy-out of Executives Online from its founder and majority shareholder...
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Expat Women Entrepreneur
Fiona Thomson
Thomson Brandtman
Single motherhood and aggressive, inflammatory breast cancer have not deterred this amazing entrepreneur in Bangkok, Thailand. Join us as we talk to Fiona about how she started her business in Thailand nearly twenty years ago and why she won't run home when times get tough...
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Motherhood and Me
Lindy Bruce
Join us as we talk to Lindy, whose journey of rediscovery can help us all learn how to embrace what is wonderful about motherhood and gracefully survive the rest. Lindy shares her five-step plan for releasing built-up anger, resentment and negativity...
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FIGT Conference
Families In Global Transition Conference 2009
Andrea Martins
This year´s FIGT conference was again a reunion of like minds. It sounds cliché, but it is true: most FIGT regulars go back time and time again because they enjoy the camaraderie...
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Expat Confession
Show Me The Money
EW Girlfriend
Six months ago, I was in a great job back home in London... I agreed to leave my job because everything about my husband’s new posting to Malaysia sounded incredibly exciting and it was never really an option in my mind to commute or to separate… However, I am not coping well with financial dependence...
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Learning Languages
The Truth About Language
Learning: Myths, Facts and
Strategies for Success
Laura Sicola
For a large number of us, life abroad often requires learning a new language. Yet many believe they are too old to start a new language, fear that the task is too big, or simply are convinced that they are simply not good language learners. To all three, I say: untrue!
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