Saturday, March 7, 2009

FIGT Conference Wrapped Up In Houston

Hi Everyone, Apologies for the quietness of late... I have been here in Houston (US) at the annual Families in Global Transition (FIGT) conference for the last few days, plus travelling before that.

This year the conference was another huge success. Around 200 or so participants came from around the US (both expats and Americans), from The Netherlands (yes, the second-largest contingent that attended), other parts of Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America and maybe more. I didn't meet anyone from Africa.

Sectors represented included: US military/navy/air force (namely representatives from their Family Readiness Centers - from posts all around the world); relocation (including destination services); academia; authors; schools; TCKs (Third Culture Kids) and Adult TCKs; corporates; missionary sector representatives; coaches; counsellors; interested individuals; and more.

When asked who was new to FIGT, about half of the people in the room stood up, which was a positive sign - that is, that people are learning about FIGT and that the conference does have new blood/ideas each year.

One of the big themes that seemed to shine through this year was grief and reconciliation - putting language to experiences and dealing with the grief of leaving locations before being able to successfully move forward and adapt to new locations/environments.

There were not as many TCK topics this year - and lots of new presenters - plus lots of interest in their new topics. For example, I talked a few times - about expat websites, general website tips and traps, blogs and social media - and these topics were well attended by people across all industries, who seemed really keen to learn how best to use the web and modern technology, which was great.

In our Expat Women Members' Newsletter for April, I will put together a more detailed article of some of the topics presented, plus share with you some photos that I took, so anyone interested can get a better glimpse into FIGT's 2009 conference.

Thanks, best wishes, and enjoy the rest of your weekends, Andrea

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