Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Authors Needed For The Caribbean

Hi Everyone, If you are interested in writing a 28,000-30,000 word book about what it is like to live and/or work in one of the following four Caribbean destinations (based on your hands-on knowledge and experience):

  • Puerto Rico
  • The US Virgin Islands
  • Dominican Republic
  • Jamaica

...please contact Jo Parfitt, who will put you in touch with her publisher who is seeking the authors. (PS. No, the publisher is not Bookshaker, it's another one of Jo's publishers.)

The books are written to a formula and pay a one-time payment of £1,000 (no royalties apply). This might not be enough to entice a seasoned writer, but if you are someone wanting to get your name in print and/or earn some extra cash while your day job is slow, think about getting in touch with Jo. Thanks.

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