Thursday, August 19, 2010

Expatica's 'I Am Not A Tourist Fair', Amsterdam

Hi Everyone, Expatica's annual expatriate fair returns to the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam for its 7th outing, offering free resources, information, networking opportunities and entertainment to internationals living across the Netherlands. 

I attended last year and it a really fun, lively day.  If you are an expat in (or moving to) Amsterdam, do drop in and see what 2010's fair offers.  Warmest regards, Andrea.

"Amsterdam, 10 October 2010 – On Sunday, 10 October at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, Expatica will host their trademark “i am not a tourist” Fair. This one-day event has become an institution and is the largest fair of its kind, offering internationals a wealth of information, as well as the opportunity to meet with dozens of expatriate-oriented service providers and mix with thousands of other internationals.

The “i am not a tourist” Fair 2010 is the only fair of its kind for internationals living across the length and breadth of the Netherlands. Following its tried and tested formula, this year’s fair will be geared toward those who have lived here for some time and want to touch base with the expatriate community at large, as well as expats who have just arrived.

"’i am not a tourist’ 2010 will offer all the basic resources that are so important for newcomers, but also present entertainment and culture for those who have already found their way in the Netherlands,” said Event Manager Danielle de Groot. “In this respect, ‘i am not a tourist’ 2010 is a lifestyle fair for even the most experienced international.”

This year’s fair will offer a wealth of entertainment and events, such as wine tasting and speed dating, with an eye toward integrating with Dutch culture. Visitors will also have the opportunity to meet with expat-orientated groups and clubs, well-known expatriate authors, universities, and many other organisations.

For those that are still finding their feet, over 55 companies will be available to offer advice in housing, employment, relocation, taxes, and banking. In addition, approximately 10 educational institutions, including schools and universities will be present."

To register for your free tickets, please click here.  Thanks and enjoy! Andrea.

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