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Expat Women Home Page October 2011

Hi Everyone, Please take a few minutes to read, enjoy, share and tweet about our new October home page features below. Thanks so very much – and I wish you a sensational weekend! Andrea.

Success Story
Kerry Bannigan
Co-Founder and CEO, Nolcha
Inspired by the buzz of NYC, British born Kerry Bannigan left her corporate job to establish a business in the independent fashion industry. She applied her business know-how to co-found Nolcha, a company that helps designers market and expand their brands. She also developed Nolcha Fashion Week, The Ethical Fashion Preview, and more...
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Business Idea
Lilac Lingerie
Emilia Kutrovska
In 2001, Bulgarian Emilia Kutrovska and her husband moved to Ottawa, Canada, to pursue more opportunities for education and success. They planned to stay only a few years, but fate stepped in when Emilia decided to complete a communications degree and her husband later landed his ideal job. In August 2010, Emilia became an entrepreneur by opening Lilac Lingerie in trendy Westboro. We talked to Emilia about her new and satisfying career abroad...
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Meet the Author
One White Face
Hilary Corna
Ohio-born Hilary Corna had always dreamt of living in Asia. So after graduating from college, and against everyone’s advice, Hilary sold her prized Jeep and purchased a one-way ticket to Singapore, with no job to go to, and just one suitcase to start her new life. What could have ended in failure turned into her greatest adventure yet. We talked to Hilary about her new memoir One White Face – which has been described as the Generation Y version of "Eat, Pray, Love!...
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Expat Confession
Overcoming Negativity
Extract from Expat Women: Confessions
This is my second posting overseas with my husband, and I know I am becoming more and more impossible to be around. I find myself uncontrollably ranting negatively about everything here in Israel. I used to be such a relaxed and pleasant person to be around, but now I am spiraling out of control and I have no idea how to return to my usual self...
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Surviving Repatriation
Adapting Back Home
Andrea Martins
In our first week back in Australia, it hit me: repatriation for me was probably going to be more like switching hats – back to what I had known before, but life in Australia was going to be a whole new learning experience for our Australian-born children who had never known what it was like to really live in Australia. How wrong I was...
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Missed Some Great Expat Links on Twitter? (September 27-28 edition)

Hi Everyone, I hope your week has started fabulously! Here are some expat links I have tweeted recently, that might interest you...

Beautiful Video: Brazilian Expat in Australia: "Would you give 30 gifts to 30 strangers on your birthday?"

How to Find the Right International School for Your Expat Children

Interesting Expat News from Singapore... More Expatriates Opting for Local Schools Over International Ones

Expat Executive Dilemma: Multiple Bosses from Different Cultures

Teenage Trauma on Repatriation

Bizarre Items Confiscated by Customs (14 pictures)

Expat Twitter Round-Up by

Why Are Some Expats So Unhappy?

Made Some Bumbling Social Mistakes in Your New Expat Posting, Like These Expats Have

Coming Soon: Live Call-In Talk Shows From Your Favorite Countries, Focusing on All Areas of Interest, from the Expat Broadcasting Group.


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Monday, September 26, 2011

Heard About The New Cross Cultural Symposium? Oct 13-14 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Hi Everyone, From one of the founders of the Families in Global Transition (FIGT) conference (Ruth Van Reken), comes a new get-together (the Cross Cultural Symposium) next month, that might just become a successful annual event like the first...

Cross Cultural Symposium:
Growing Up Cross-Culturally: 
Broadening Horizons for Academic Research
October 13 – 14, 2011
Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

"What do children of refugees, immigrants, minorities, career expatriates, mixed race, and bi-cultural families have in common? 

These young people are part of the “new normal” in today’s globalizing world. Unlike those of past generations who grew up in monocultural environments, these young people meaningfully interact with two or more different cultural worlds during their developmental years.

Sociologists, anthropologists, educators, psychologists, and other academicians often study these groups as distinct entities. Today’s changing world brings up new questions. Are there common themes researchers are finding among children who have been raised cross-culturally for any reason? What remains distinctive to each type of experience? What about those growing up in multiple cross-cultural categories at the same time? How does this growing cultural complexity factor into today’s research and practice? What are the practical implications for those, such as educators, who work with this population? How can we help today’s children maximize the potential of a cross-cultural childhood while dealing constructively with the challenges?

This interdisciplinary symposium will offer an opportunity for academicians and practitioners to explore the question of whether it is possible to identify common themes that develop for those who are, or were, raised cross-culturally for any reason - even when the reasons differ greatly. As we compare the experience of those growing up cross-culturally with those raised in the more traditional mono-cultural communities and families of the past, we will consider potential research needed to further identify common themes as well as what is, in fact, distinctive to specific experiences. This symposium will be highly interactive using well qualified presenters, a short film, panels, research posters, and small group discussions. Our keynote speaker on October 14 is Professor Gary Weaver, Founder and Executive Director, Intercultural Management Institute, American University.

We invite all interested people to come, particularly academicians and practitioners in the fields of sociology, anthropology, psychology, education, child and adolescent development, and intercultural studies. Also those involved with immigrants, refugees, minorities, ethnicities, expatriates, international adoptees and other related areas, are welcome. Only $75.00 per person (includes two breakfasts, two lunches, registration)

Facilitators: Ruth E. Van Reken, co-founder of Families in Global Transition, co-author, Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds; Fran Colley, Education Chair – Association of International Women (Indianapolis), Research Co-chair – Indiana Multiethnic Committee; and Christine Dowdeswell – Co-founder, Association of International Women (Indianapolis), co-founder FIGT, Alumni Board IU School of Liberal Arts, Indiana University, Purdue University, Indianapolis."

Potential participants are invited to click here for more details.

Congrats to the organizers! Enjoy! Andrea

Women's International Networking (W.I.N) Conference - Oct 5 - 7 (8) - Rome, Italy

Hi Everyone, It's W.I.N Conference time again, and this year the "Creating History" themed event for 800-1,000 participants will be held in Rome, Italy. If you have not registered yet, but you have time to attend, I highly recommend it. I attended in 2007 in Oslo and only have great things to say about the event, the humble founder Kristin Engvig, and the wonderful women that attend.

The speakers this year include:
  • Mikael Ohlsson, Swedish, President and CEO, IKEA Group
  • Jeanette Horan, British, VP and CIO, IBM
  • Dr. Debra Clary Gmelin, American, Corporate Director, The Leadership Institute, Humana, Inc.
  • Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, French/Canadian, CEO, 20-first
  • Alison Smale, British, Executive Editor, International Herald Tribune
  • Nuria Chinchilla, Spanish, Professor, IESE Business School
  • Zoë A. Yujnovich, Australian, President and CEO, The Iron Ore Company of Canada
  • Dr Yolanda Nokuri Hegngi, American/Cameroonian, Founder, Stimulus, LLC
  • Gabi Zedlmayer, German, Vice President Global Social Innovation, HP
  • Poonam Ahluwalia, American, President, Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
  • Fabrizio Castlelucci, Italian, Professor, SDABocconi
  • Binna Kandola OBE, British, Senior Partner, Pearn Kandola
  • Dominique Turcq, French, Founder/ President, Boostzone Institute
  • Marguerite Barankitse, Burundian, Founder, Maison Shalom
  • Nancy Fina, American, Fashion/Advertising photographer
  • Umran Beba, Turkish, President Asia Pacific Region, PepsiCo
  • Lorella Zanardo, Italian, Author and Director, Il Corpo delle Donne (Women’s Bodies)
  • Karen Tse, American, Founder and CEO, International Bridges to Justice
  • Dr Kumkum Pareek Malik, American, Founder, Dr Malik and Associates
  • Dr Amany Asfour, Egyptian, President, Egyptian Business Women Association
  • Dr Jemilah Mahmood, Malaysian, Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Humanitarian Futures Programme Kings College London
  • Barbara Shipka, American, Owner, Barbara Shipka Designs
  • Dr Graeme Codrington, South African/British, Founder and Senior Partner, TomorrowToday
  • Emma Bonino, Italian, Vice President, Senate of the Italian Republic
Plus friends of mine/ExpatWomen that will be speaking at W.I.N.:
  • Melody Biringer, American, Founder, The CRAVE Company
  • Jo Parfitt, British, Publisher, Summertime Publishing
  • Mary Farmer, Canadian/Dutch, Lecturer, Les Roches Gruyere University/Glion
  • Tracy Ann Curtis, American, Founder, TAC Global Organizational and Talent Development Consulting
  • Dana Frost, American, Master Certified Life Coach, Dana Frost Life Coaching Services
  • Jeanne A. Heinzer, German/Swiss, Director, Heinzer Consulting
  • Heidi Forbes Oste, Swedish/American, Global Social Strategist
And many, many more great speakers. To see the full, impressive list of confirmed speakers, please click here. To register for the conference, you are invited to click here. (Make sure you ask for your 100 Euro discount for mentioning "". And no, we receive no commissions for promoting this great event).

Everyone going to W.I.N. this year, enjoy! Andrea

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Expat Women: Confessions - What Do Men Think?

Hi Everyone, Two weeks ago we gave a big shout-out to the (forty or so) fantastic women who had written blog posts about our new book Expat Women: Confessions - 50 Answers to Your Real-Life Questions about Living Abroad. Today, we want to thank the men. There may only be four (not forty), but that just makes these four men extra special. Here are excerpts from their blog posts...

5 Lessons Expat Women Confessions Will Teach You About Life Abroad by John Falchetto

"...This isn’t a book about shortcuts or a simple motivational e-book telling you to just think positive thoughts. The Expat Women Confessions deals with real issues (from teen suicide to marriage breakdown) and gives real advice. I am not a woman but most advice the book gives can easily be used by men. This is my take on these powerful questions as an expat, a coach and a man...

1. Why Should I Move?
I left Canada in 1996, right after college, my motivation was simple, endless possibilities. Although I wasn’t a trailing spouse, I looked at the move in the same way an artist approaches a blank canvas. I have always been a big believer in change, but not mindless and unfocused change. Andrea [and Victoria] understand[s] the decision isn’t easy and her case-study of someone pondering whether or not to leave an aging mother back home is meaningful. For most future expatriates, an assignment abroad has far reaching implications which shouldn’t be taken lightly.

2. Will Culture Shock Happen to Me?
I still remember falling out of my bed in June ’97 during my first night in Amman, Jordan. The morning prayer was calling from the minarets across the city and this set the tone for the next few years. There were often uncomfortable moments, from which I learned a lot and often laugh about it later. From drinking tea with tribal elders to working through the red tape of setting up a company in Dubai, the challenges were always there and boiled down to two important factors, clearly explained by Andrea [and Victoria]. Personality and attitude: A positive attitude will go a long way. Develop an expat mindset. Managing expectations: I saw many expats look at everything through the prism of their home-country. Yes this isn’t home anymore, things are different.

3. Lack of Respect at Work
The book’s case study looks at gender discrimination in the workplace. I believe as expats there is often a lack of understanding about local culture and social norms. Beyond culture shocks, [my wife] Ameena wrote a great piece about learning how to play in a boy’s sandpit. Although she was born and raised there, it wasn’t always fun. I also think women have a hard job in the corporate world anywhere in the world. My friend and favorite CEO, Gini Dietrich, recently discussed women and achieving workplace equality.

4. Starting a Business Abroad
Undoubtedly I have a bias for expat entrepreneurs, I started my first expat business in 2003 in Dubai and 8 years later I am helping others become successful abroad. [...] From looking into your personality, your lifestyle and basic business questions, [the book] provides the best framework of questions for setting up a business abroad. If you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, the book is worth its price for this chapter [Starting a Business] alone. Again your gender doesn’t matter here.

5. Reverse Culture Shock
When I go back to Montreal I feel like a stranger. Although I know the city inside out, and speak both official languages, living abroad changes your outlook on life. Expats often focus on the change while abroad but it’s important not to forget that this change will stay with you when you head home. Once again Andrea [and Victoria] pinpoint[s] this weird feeling to dashed expectations. Going home often brings me to ask myself, is this home?"

John Falchetto is an expat (entrepreneur and) life coach who has lived in Canada, Egypt, Dubai and now lives in France. You can read more about John on his blog Expat Life Coach. Thanks John! 


Things an Expat Man Should Hear by Norman Viss

"Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Never more so than when living abroad. During the pre-publication publicity for this book someone tweeted with the question whether husbands would purchase this book. I immediately replied that I believed they should. Which got me a free copy from Andrea. Thanks, Andrea!

[When] I sat down and read it, I did my best to put my ‘husband is listening’ ears on. ‘What are our women saying that we men should listen to?’ [and} here is what I heard:

(1) She wants to be reassured that the medical care here is good, and that there is enough emotional support during the treatment.

(2) I am dressing and acting differently now that we are settled in. In fact, she feels like I don’t love and respect her like I did before.

(3) Because she is no longer earning an income, she feels financially dependant on me. That makes her uncomfortable.

(4) We have repatriated to our passport country. I thought it would be easy for her to adjust. But it is not. She feels alone and is having trouble making friends.

(5) She is very concerned about who will care for her aging parents.

(6) Now that the situation here is completely different than what we expected, she needs a safe place to express her frustrations.

(7) I travel a lot for my work. That means she is the primary caregiver for the children. She wonders if she is doing a good job.

(8) My wife hears stories from other expats about emotional and physical infidelity, by both men and women. She sometimes worries about us, and desires that we be proactive in preventing relationship betrayal.

(9) Our term abroad is almost over. She senses that I would like to stay abroad, even though we agreed to just one term. She doesn’t know what my thoughts are about the future.

How did I do? If I didn’t hear you well, it’s not the fault of this book, which gives us men a wonderful window into the concerns of our wives. The advice given by Andrea and Victoria is clear, well balanced, comprehensive and sometimes quite direct and provocative, without any claim to be a substitute for professional help.

It’s a book we men need to listen to. No, let me put it another way. We need to listen to our wives, and this book can help give us ears."

Norman Viss spent 10 years as an expat in Nigeria, West Africa, before moving to the Netherlands, 21 years ago. You can read more about Norman on his blog Isolated Internationals. Thanks Norman! 


Reading 'Expat Women: Confessions' and Making Some of My Own by Russell Ward

"I have a confession to make. In fact, I have several. I didn't realise that large numbers of expat women struggle when assigned overseas. I didn't realise expat women made confessions about these struggles. And I didn't realise they made them at Expat Women, an online resource for helping expatriate women living overseas."

"...As I started to make my way through the book, I felt a sense of deja vu as I learned about the daily struggles suffered by everyday women in adjusting to a home away from home. From concerns about transitioning into a foreign environment to struggles with unhealthy work-life balances, from suffering regular bouts of homesickness and wanting to go home to experiencing visa difficulties, Expat Women: Confessions covers it all. The range and depth of issues raised, and advice given in return, is staggering yet always approached in a sensitive and honest way.

"...The strength of Expat Women: Confessions is not just the provision of sensible answers and practical advice for any international mover, past or present, but for bringing to light the many issues, frustrations and questions that arise when embarking on a life lived abroad..."

"...If you're an expat-to-be or a current expat, you really should be reading this book. It is a significant support tool for your journey ahead."

Russell Ward is a British expat who has lived in Canada (Vancouver and Ottawa), and now lives in Australia (Sydney - his wife's home city). You can read more about Russell on his blog, In Search Of A Life Less Ordinary. Thanks Russell!


Expat Women: Confessions - 50 Answers to Your Real-Life Questions about Living Abroad by Eric Anders

"I met Andrea in 2010 when I asked if I could republish a timely article she wrote for the August edition of the Worldwide ERC's issue of MOBILITY Magazine entitled 10 Ways to Boost Your (Relocation) Brand Online."

"...Expat Women: Confessions is an easy read. It's quite evident both ladies have walked the talk! They're able to express their ideas in a clear, concise, meaningful manner... Although the primary focus of 50 Answers to Your Real-Life Questions about Living Abroad is geared toward women, most of the 'answers' and advice really applies to anyone living the expat life or relocating anywhere. That includes men, gay and straight trailing partners; school kids, young adults, and fun-loving seniors!"

"...It's a pleasant distraction to enjoy over a morning cup of coffee or après-dinner glass of wine. It's like having a conversation with a very close friend – female or male – about personal concerns and adjustment problems you never knew they had."

[And I swear I did not ask Eric to write this next promo part in his blog's post... but if you are reading this blog and you work in corporate HR or for a relocation company, by all means, read on!]

"Expat Women is now offering their loyal readers, members, corporate clients, mobility service companies and relocating employees the opportunity to purchase bulk orders of their motivational book that features a customized front-cover logo. Those making volume purchases can include a personalized messages or their own unique promotions inside. Be [one of] the first to take advantage of this helpful new offer! Just be sure to tell 'em that a guy recommended their book."

Eric Anders is a relocation industry professional who created his blog RELO Roundtable as an online gathering place for consumers and the moving professionals that help them. Thanks Eric!


If you like freebies and you have not already downloaded a free sample from our book, you are invited to please do so here.

Thanks for your support Everyone - and I wish you a sensational weekend! Andrea

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Missed Some Great Expat Links on Twitter? (September 21-22 edition)

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful week! Here are some expat links I have tweeted recently, that might interest you...

Cartus Client Survey Names 44 Key Emerging Market Destinations for Corporate Transferees

World's Weirdest Hotel Rooms (In Pictures)

Want a Full Copy of The Economist's Liveability Report? (Released August 2011)

Nice interview: WSJ Deputy Managing Editor Rebecca Blumenstein, wife of Big In China author Alan Paul

New post by Expat Life Coach John Falchetto
"How Can Leo Babauta Be Wrong? Stop Following Your Passion"

Gorgeous Italian Vogue cover by chameleon supermodel Gail Elliott!
PS. Missed Gail's Expat Women Interview?

US Expats: What Happens if the IRS Freezes Your Bank Accounts?

12 Rules for Expat Life in Korea

Expats: Pampered 'Cry Babies,' or Misunderstood?
Business 360 - Blogs

Expats: Cross-Cultural Symposium, Indianapolis, October 13-14


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Barclays Wealth International Launches An Online Tool Which Monitors Your Foreign Exchange Rates

Hi Everyone, One of our Gold Sponsors, Barclays Wealth International, has launched a wonderful new online tool, for anyone interested in foreign exchange rates. Here are some excerpts from their press release of 14 September 2011...

Barclays Wealth International Launches iAlert FX Service

"Barclays Wealth, a leading global wealth management firm and the UK’s largest, has announced the launch of Barclays Wealth iAlert - a free online tool which monitors foreign exchange rates - as part of an enhanced foreign exchange offering for clients of Barclays Wealth International.

Barclays Wealth iAlert allows clients to monitor up to 75 currency pairs, with subscribers to the FX service receiving email alerts to inform them when their pre-selected currency pairs reach the upper and/or lower levels identified. In addition, through the iAlert website, clients can now access real-time foreign exchange data including:

• Current and historical currency rates
• Extensive Barclays Wealth research and market commentary
• FX tutorials including videos on the basics of FX and buying a property in a foreign currency

Barclays Wealth iAlert is available to all existing clients and individuals who are not clients are invited to sign up to a free 60 day trial. The trial period will be extended to any individual who opens an international bank account with Barclays Wealth International.

For more information on Barclays Wealth iAlert please visit or call +44 (0)1624 684 080."

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Welcome to Taxes for Expats: Our New Expat Women Bronze Sponsor

Hi Everyone, We are excited today to introduce you to Taxes for Expats - another company that has come on board to sponsor us because they value what we do and want to support us!

Thank you Taxes for Expats - a New York City-based, women-owned tax preparation firm specializing in American taxpayers living abroad.  

Granted, many of us are not American, but one-third of our members are, so if you are American, you need to pay taxes, and you are interested in a company that supports great websites (smile), please read on... Thanks so much, Andrea.

Taxes for Expats

"With over 20 years experience, Taxes for Expats have helped hundreds of Americans living abroad stay on the good side of the IRS. With a 100 percent focus on the American expatriate community, they would make an ideal partner for your U.S. tax filing needs. To contact the founder, IJ Zemelman (an IRS-authorized Enrolled Agent), please email, phone +1-646-EXPAT-US (+1-646-3972887), or visit their website at

Given the current fiscal state of the U.S. government, the IRS is bringing ever more resources to bear on making sure that American expats file their U.S. tax returns. Every year brings more laws and regulations that make non-filing a very expensive proposition (potentially including criminal prosecution). Taxes for Expats have helped many Americans catch up with their U.S. tax filing obligations and get current with the IRS. They intimately know the process and the best ways to approach this seemingly daunting task. Most of their clients did not have to pay any penalties - but for this you have to be proactive rather than wait for the IRS to find you. So please do get in touch with them. They would like to help."

Educational Articles by Tax Expert, IJ Zemelman

Finally, if you are looking for some educational articles, Taxes for Expats' founder, IJ Zemelman, has also kindly contributed some very useful articles to our Expat Women site. Just click on the titles below if you are interested. Thanks.

American Expatriate Tax Obligations - The Simple Guide

To File, or Not to File: That is the Question

Should You Hire An Expat Tax Professional For Your U.S. Tax Return?

Filing Back Taxes As An Expat

State Taxes And The American Expat - Can You Ever Set Yourself Free?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Expat Youth Scholarship 2011 Winners Announced!

Hi Everyone, If you would like to see the talented winning videos of the Clements Worldwide Expat Youth Scholarship this year, please go to this Expat Youth Facebook page, give it a 'like', and click the "2011 Winners" tab. Thanks - and enjoy! Andrea

Missed Some Great Expat Links on Twitter? (September 15-16 edition)

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all enjoying September! Here are some expat links I have tweeted recently, that might interest you...

7 Ways Hurricane Irene Taught Me Not To Lose My Head As An Expat

5 Lessons Wonderland Taught Me About Expat Life, by Lewis Carroll's Alice

Do Expat Child Custody Laws Need Changing?

10 Most Liveable Cities in 2011?

How to Turn Study Abroad Regret into a Positive

10 Most Expensive Cities for Hotel Stopovers

How Does an Expat Define 'Home'?

10 Things I Miss From Home by Suzanne in Bermuda

Expat Taxes on Forbes: "Can Moving From Japan to NY Make You a Rhode Island Resident?"

Expat Life isn't as Peachy as You Might Think - The Uncertainty of Expat Life

Please Support Expat Writing Mentor Jo Parfitt and Her New Upcoming Novel - Interview Her or Ask Her to Write for You!

Preserve Your Expat Memories & Help Expat Archive Center to Document the Social History of Expat Life


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Thank You For Your Blog Posts & Amazon Reviews!

Hi Everyone, It has been four months now since we launched our first book (my how time flies!) Expat Women: Confessions - 50 Answers to Your Real-Life Questions about Living Abroad.

To celebrate this milestone, we want to give a shout-out to the fantastic women who have kindly written blog posts about our book (adding their own valuable insights as well), and/or left reviews on other sites. A huge thank you to all of you!

PS. To download a free sample from our book, please just click here.

Thank You to These Bloggers:

I Was an Expat Wife
by Maria @IWasAnExpatWife
Even though Maria's expat days are over for now, she still has lots to say about expat life!
Read the review on her blog here.

Where in the World Am I
by Stephanie @StephanieSD
Notes from the streets of Hyderabad, India.
Her blog review is here.

United We Stand
by Tatiana von Tauber @TatianaBoudoir
Czech American expat living in Germany. Blog centers around writing, the arts, philosophy of love and sex, motherhood and the influences living abroad has brought to my work as a writer, photographer and artist.
Her blog review is here.
Plus, her "Expat Women: Confessions - I Paint In The Nude" guest post on the expat+ harem site is here.

by Megan Fitzgerald @ExpatCoachMegan
Megan's excellent and insightful blog shares success tips to expats interested in being highly visible, sought-after and successful experts and leaders abroad. 
Her blog review is here.

The Female Expat Project
by Joelle
The Female Expat Project is a collection of writing, art, and audio that archives and reflects the lives of female expatriates (define expat) living throughout the world. The site depends on submissions by women who are or have been female expats and feel a connection to the content of the site.
Her blog review is here.

Finding My Way
by Jeanne @collageoflife
I am a woman living life with four kids, a sweet husband and devoted springer spaniel. We hail from the USA, became Australian citizens along the way, called New Zealand home and now live in Surrey, England. My kids are here, there and everywhere and I spend most of my time trying to figure out where.
Her blog review is here.

Writing…Just Because
by Anne @annethewriter
After 20 years in PR I decided it was time to...just write. Now, I am a freelance writer and aspiring author. In this Blog I post thoughts and unfettered contemplation on issues that I come across every day and the highs and lows of being a freelancer. I love to read (what writer doesn't?) so, once a month I also do a book review focusing on expat/ adventure travel, social media or small business resources.
Her blog review is here.

Authentic Journeys
by Jennifer Kumar
Cross-Cultural and Expat Coaching Services. Helping you live the best life... anywhere you are in the world!
Her blog review is here.

by Scintilla
The ups and downs of tripping through life between Positano on the Amalfi Coast and Luxembourg (not in Belgium!).
Her blog review is here.

Abroad in Belgium
by Kimberley @kimberleylovato
Monthly (maybe more often) musings from a broad living abroad in Belgium.
Her blog review is here.

Delhi Bound
by Naomi @gemgem76
A family of five moves from the midwest to Delhi.
Read the review on her blog here.

Empty Nest Expat
by Karen @EmptyNestExpat
I'm a soon-to-be American expatriate bursting with enthusiasm to get out there.
Her blog review is here.

Expat Forever
by Véronique Martin-Place
An expat blog in French.
Réflexions et témoignages sur l'expatriation au quotidien.
Her blog review is here.

Expat Mum
by Toni @ToniHargis
Mutterings from a Brit wife, mother and sometime writer, living in a strange land, ie. the US of A.
Her blog review is here.

Firenze Moms 4 Moms Network
by Firenze Mom
English-Speaking Expat Group for Moms in Tuscany Italy
Her blog review is here.

The German Way Expat Blog
by HF @hflippo
Discussing expat life in German-speaking Europe
Their blog review is here.

[Insert suitably snappy title here...]
by Kath @kathmeista
A blog about all things literary with a bit of expatriate life thrown in for fun!
Her blog review is here.

Kayni's Corner Café
by Kayni @kayni100
A blog on travel and photography
Her blog review is here.

What Kate Did
by Kate
An expat Brit, I've lived in Brisbane, Brussels and am currently residing with my Aussie husband and 2 daughters amidst the heat and dust of Bahrain. For our next move, I'm hoping for a location that doesn't begin with "B".
Her blog review is here.

A Quick Succession of Busy Nothings
by Kris
The blog of a trailing spouse, uprooted from American suburbia and now trying to find her niche in rural England.
Her blog review is here.

Lao Ren Cha
by Jenna
A travel blog focusing on female expat life in Taiwan - taking trips, dating and marriage, women's issues in Taiwan and more
Her blog review is here.

Lovely in Lux
by Libby
Learning to love life in Luxembourg - and anywhere - with positive thinking!
Her blog review is here.

Emm in London
by Missus Emm @missus_emm
The adventure of an eternal tourist living in London
Her blog review is here.

X-pat Files From Overseas
by Pat @pattymackz
Inspiring courage, breaking barriers, creating connections
Her blog review is here.

Clog Blog
by Pomo Mama
Back to rain-sodden central Scotland.
Her blog review is here.

Czech Off the Beaten Path
by Sher
Adventures living in the Czech Republic and finding tourist sites off the beaten path.
Her blog review is here.

The Little Travelers
by Angelina @littletravelers
The Little Travelers - travel diaries and musing on raising global children.
Her blog review is here.

Tales from Windmill Fields
by Rosalind @windmilltales
A blog, relating my experiences here in Holland, a place to share my everyday thoughts, trials and tribulations. Cooking, baking and crafts, product reviews and websites.
Her blog review is here.

Irish Nomad in Malaysia
by Johanna C @Osloscribe
Irish serial-expat returning to South East Asia after almost six years in Norway. The Irish Nomad has cast aside her skiis, snow boots and purple wellies, to start over yet again, armed with sun screen, mosquito spray, three kids, her beloved Mac and, more often than not, a sense of humour.
Her blog review is here.

An American in Malta
by Ilene
Website/blog describing what it's like to move abroad to Malta. Includes information on residency, banking, health insurance, informing family and friends, bringing pets to Malta – everything of concern to an expatriate in Malta.
Her blog review is here.

Blog in France
by Stephanie @llamamum
Life, love and llamas in Limousin
Her blog review is here.

Durian Days
by Flexi Girl
Durian stinks. It really, really reeks. In some cities, it’s even banned from mass transit and taxis. Yet there are a lot of people who love it, seek it out, and enjoy every bit of it. Durian is like expat life. We are
spouses. We are moms. We are friends. We’ve followed our husbands
literally around the globe, and redefined what we need to be happy numerous times, in numerous countries. It’s been a journey. Join us for some of it.
Her blog review is here.

Hop on the Gravy Train
by Ann K
My better half and I moved in August 2009 from Washington, DC to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Away from my life as a lawyer back home, I'm an international lady of leisure for now and using my appetite to eat, cook, and laugh my way through Southeast Asia.
Her blog review is here.

Little Colombia Observationist
by Stephanie @cafedereves
American girl travels to Colombia to find out if the only risk really is wanting to stay…
Her blog review is here.

Mother Jungle
by Susan L @MotherJungle
Chopping coconuts,peeling bananas flow right along side raising two children in Costa Rica, one with Down Syndrome and making my way as a single mom who tries to write between loads of laundry.
Her blog review is here.

No Ordinary Homestead
by Tiffany @txblond
A Texan getting used to life in Germany, living in an 1830's farmhouse, learning to be a mom and trying to become more self-sufficient.
Her blog review is here.

Practically Perfect
by Jenny
Thoughts and experiences of a Midwestern Girl who's moving around the map!
Her blog review is here.

The American Resident
by Michelle Garrett @Michelloui
Parenting. Homemaking. Living. Overseas!
Her blog review is here.

Vegemite Vix
by Vegemite Vix @vegemitevix
Vegemite Vix blogs on her adventures moving three kids, dog, cat and all their earthly possessions from Auckland New Zealand to a little town in North Hampshire UK. Use Before Leaving offers handy hints for expats, on raising teenagers, on blended families and step parenting, and also on travel, life and life's journeys.
Her blog review is here.

by Jane @wordgeyser
Observations and absurdities of international life with a family of global nomads and world wide friends. Currently living in The Netherlands.
Her blog review is here.

LindyLouMac's Book Reviews
by Linda @LindyLouMac
Linda and her husband have been living in and loving Italy as 'empty nesters' since March 2004. This blog indulges her love of good books.
Her blog review is here.

by Shirley Ralston
Expatriate adventures through the eyes of faith.
Her blog review is here.

This Australian Life
by Rosangela Silva
A Brazilian living Down Under.
Her blog review is here.
(Editor: Yes, this is a late inclusion, added after this original post was written. But still worthy!)

And thanks also to the following women who posted reviews on an Amazon site and/or on another website:

American Expat; Angelina Hart; Caitlin; Cat Bauer; E. Vennekens-Kelly; Frogger; Jacqueline van Gent; Jeanette Teh; Jennifer Kumar; Jenny; Jo Parfitt; Judy Rickatson; Katrina; Kimberley Lovato; Kristy; Loulou; Lovely in Lux; Maria Foley; Michelle Fabio; Miss Footloose; Missus Emm; Shelley Antscherl; Regula Sindemann; S J Dagg; Sandie Mirfield; Stephanie; Susan Lutz; Tamara Furey; Tina Tinde; TLP; Vegemite Vix; Véronique Martin-Place.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Missed Some Great Expat Links on Twitter? (September 7-8 edition)

Hi Everyone, I hope your week is going really well! Here are some more expat links I have tweeted recently, that might interest you...

Excellent read! “A Totally Impractical Expat Interview #16: Camden Luxford of The Brink of Something Else”

11 Tips for Mining Expat Families Living and Working Overseas

Catch Me If You Can: Top 10 Expat Con Artists

Adapt, Move Again, Adapt Again: One Tip to Ease the Process of Constant Adaptation for Expats"

10 Things People Need to Know About China

Story of the Expat Doctor Mom - How Do You Define Success?

Expat Pensioner Exodus: Would the Last Person to Leave Britain Please Switch Off the Lights?

The Global Differences of Baby-Making

Go to a UK University? I'd Rather Study Abroad

"Dubai is a soap opera in the making”, says Annabel Kantaria


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Missed Some Great Expat Links on Twitter? (1-2 September edition)

Hi Everyone, I hope you have enjoyed a lovely week! Here are some expat links I have tweeted recently, that might interest you. I wish you a wonderful, fun-filled weekend, Andrea.

Top 25 Expat Mom Blogs

Some of China's Leading Local and Expat Women Talk about Working for Global Companies as a Female

Landmark Divorce Case could Stop Expats Moving Children 'Home'

A US Expat Woman's Experience as "Super Sized Me" in Asia

Want to Speak at the 2012 FIGT Conference? Proposals Due 9 September!

10 Tips for Expat Executives and Their Families Returning Home

FIGT Invites You to Submit Your Favorite Recipes for their Expat Cook-Book Project

Why UK Expats Should be Able to Keep Their Votes

Diary Of An Expat Bride's Drama on Latest Flight Home

One Person's Take on Airport Security Checks

IRS Extends a Crucial Deadline for Expat Americans who Face Huge Penalties for Not Filing...


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