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Expat Women July 2010 Home Page

Hi Everyone, We have just uploaded our Expat Women July 2010 Home Page. Please take a look, share it with your friends and tweet about it for us. Thank you!

Success Story
Alexandra Hendrickson
Executive Search VP, Shanghai
Alexandra Hendrickson serves as Executive Vice President in DHR International's Shanghai office, helping clients hire highly-qualified leaders for today's international marketplace. DHR International is the fifth largest retained executive search firm in the United States and has over 50 locations worldwide...

Business Idea
Surf Haven Bali
Janine Hall
Janine Hall combined her career skills with her passion for coaching, surfing, yoga and well-being to create Surf Haven Bali, a luxury boutique surf and yoga spa retreat. Her guests experience an adventure of a lifetime and leave recharged and refreshed...

To Relocate Or Not To Relocate?
Louise Wiles
Currently over 200 million people worldwide are living abroad... But how do you decide if relocating is right for you? Expat coach Louise Wiles takes us through 8 steps to making your 'best decision'...

Write Your Life Stories
Jo Parfitt
We talk to British author, publisher and writer's mentor Jo Parfitt, about her new Write Your Life Stories program and learn from her advice about writing, common mistakes for newbie authors, a checklist for writers wanting to publish their book and more...

Expat Confession
How Do I Start A Business?
Expat Women Girlfriend
I have been here in Europe for eight months and I am now at a point where I have accepted that I can no longer work in my old profession and need to look for alternatives. I would love to start a business and I have a few ideas, but which idea should I pursue and how do I start a business abroad?

Girl Scouts
USA Girl Scouts Overseas
Sandy Thomas
USA Girl Scouts Overseas (USAGSO) provides the Girl Scout program to American girls living outside the United States and those attending American or international schools abroad. USAGSO's Director, Sandy Thomas, talks about how USAGSO has been fostering responsible global citizens since 1925...

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Thank you very much and have a fabulous July! Andrea

Friday, June 25, 2010

Networking Abroad: Easier Or More Difficult?

Hi Everyone, My next guest blog post on Adrienne Graham's online Fearless Woman Magazine was uploaded yesterday and if you are interested, here is how it starts...

"Anyone who is serious about proactively moving their career or business forward, knows they need to network. If this is you, hopefully you have already read Adrienne’s Go Ahead, Talk to Strangers: The Modern Girl’s Guide To Fearless Networking and you are already investing time each month into meeting new people, building quality relationships and offering help to contacts in your inner circle.

Networking Abroad

Many women who are great networkers at home and have worked hard to establish a solid network, worry what it will be like to network (for work and/or pleasure) if they are relocated abroad.

“I am only going abroad for two years. How will I have enough time to build up my network abroad?”

"How can people know how credible I am back home?”

“Will it be easier or more difficult to network on foreign shores?”

To read more, please support Adrienne and click on the full article on her site here: Networking Abroad: Easier or More Difficult? 

I encourage you to leave your comments, feedback, experiences on her site (or ours) as well.

Thanks and best wishes, Everyone! Andrea. :-)

Missed Some Great Expat Links On Twitter?

Hi Everyone, I hope your week has been going really well.  Here are some of the expat-related articles that I have shouted out about on Twitter recently that might interest you:

Can you repatriate long-term expat managers?

Expats and Entrepreneurs: Read Tom Frost's 'Why We Left': Brilliant!

Military spouse career program reviewed

American journalist in Yemen falls for married US Ambassador. Held at gunpoint. Suicide attack.

Expat rebellion over the (multiple) moving process: American foreign service wife's blog

How to create a career abroad by Jennifer Bradley

3 Ways to Start Your Overseas Job Transition - Harvard Bus Review

Esquire: President Obama Thinks Like A Third Culture Kid (TCK)

Expat Partners: Use your opportunity abroad to reinvent yourselves

Do I Regret Moving Overseas?

How Can Expat Families Prepare for School Placement Interviews?

Expat Parents: Do all children really adjust so easily to a move?

Tips For Expat Partners

Expat Parents: The Risks of Parenting While Plugged In

Expat assignments rising. Survey says companies’ strategies support business objectives. Family? Not mentioned:

Has parenting expatriate children become an Olympic event?

Families in Global Transition Conference Speaker Proposals for March 2011 now open

Female expat spouses in Saudi can connect with flexible opportunities via new Women’s Skills Bureau (WSB) at

Mercer to acquire ORC Worldwide

Expat in Vienna struggles with adaptation to local culture: Ever felt like this?

Expat article: Challenges and opportunities for the trailing spouse

To follow me in 'real time' and keep up with even more great expat links on Twitter, please click here.

Thanks Everyone and enjoy your weekend!  Andrea. :-)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brats Without Borders & TCKs

Hi Everyone, Last year we interviewed Donna Musil about her excellent documentary, Brats: Our Journey Home.  I invite you to take a read, if you have not already.

If you were a "military brat" or lived the life of a Third Culture Kid (TCK), Brats: Our Journey Home really is a very well-done DVD and I highly recommend it.

Here is some news today from Donna:

"BRATS" Wins Founder's Choice Award at 2010 G.I. Film Festival

"In May, I traveled to Washington, DC to attend the 2010 G.I. Film Festival, the only festival in the country that celebrates the successes and sacrifices of the American military through the medium of film. "BRATS: Our Journey Home" was one of the select films chosen to screen this year, and BRATS was fortunate enough to also win the Founder's Choice Award for the film the founders of the festival thought deserved special attention!

It was a very moving experience. I met so many wonderful people - fellow filmmakers, brats, soldiers, and spouses. There were celebrities there - ABC News co-anchor Bob Woodruff, Glenn Close, Gary Sinise, and others. In fact, Major Laura Law, one of the festival's founders, announced at our screening that journalist Bob Woodruff took the time to personally watch the "BRATS" film and said he loved it and had never seen anything like it!"

I was particularly moved by a documentary called "Honor in the Valley of Tears," directed by Eric Dow, which explored the first-hand account of Congressional Medal of Honor recipient David H. McNerney's experience fighting in the Central Highlands at the height of the Viet Nam War. My father fought in that same area with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. I also really enjoyed a short film by two brat filmmakers - Keva and Karen Keyes - called "Letters From Home!" Please do whatever you can to support this fine festival and our fellow brat filmmakers."  Donna

Free Screenings

Here are some free screenings for you to take advantage of, if you are in the area:

Alexandria, VA - June 25-26, 2010, exact time TBA - Stuttgart All Classes Reunion - Free Screening  Westin Alexandria, 400 Courthouse Square, Alexandria, VA 22314

Wiesbaden, Germany - June 24-27, 2010, exact time TBA - Wiesbaden 2010 General HH Arnold All Classes Reunion - Free Screening - Nh Aukamm Wiesbaden, Aukamm Allee, 31, D-65191 Wiesbaden, Germany

New Orleans, LA - June 25, 2010, 8:30 p.m. - Karlsruhe American High School Reunion - Free Screening - Deutsche Haus, 200 S. Galvez St., New Orleans, LA 70119-6514, 504-522-8014  504-522-8014

Reston, VA - August 5-7, 2010 (1-4 pm on the 5th and 7th, and 9:30am-12:30pm on the 6th - Overseas Brats Homecoming - Free Screening "BRATS: Our Journey Home" and "BRATS RAW: Kristofferson & Schwarzkopf" - Hyatt Regency Reston, Reston Town Square, VA

"BRATS" Available For Rent on YouTube

"For the very first time, the "BRATS" film is available for rent online through YouTube! You asked, and now we've delivered!

It seems the entertainment business is still clinging to its old distribution methods and there aren't many options out there for independent filmmakers, without giving away the farm. Fortunately, YouTube started a program that's just perfect for grassroots efforts like ours! You can rent the film online for $9.99 for 24 hours (45% goes to YouTube, 55% goes to Brats Without Borders). All proceeds go directly to the nonprofit to support our other programs, like Operation Military Brat and the new BRATS Workshops.

We're still hoping to broadcast the film in the U.S., and to find a fair retail distribution deal, but until then, you can buy or rent the film online. Armed Forces Network rebroadcast the documentary everywhere but the U.S. on their Family Channel last April. Hopefully, there's an American television station that thinks the lives of military children are worth acknowledging and exploring." Donna

Keep up your great work, Donna!  Andrea

Expat Kids Book: The Mission Of Detective Mike Moving Abroad

Hi Everyone, This is a quick but sincere shout-out for Simone T. Costa Eriksson and Ana Serra's recently-published book for expatriate children: The Mission of Detective Mike Moving Abroad (affiliate link).

"Mike is unsettled. He knows that something odd is happening at home because his parents are whispering all the time. But, being a detective, Mike is quickly on the case. He enlists his friend Ikem to help him get to the bottom of the mystery. Mike and his family are moving to another country, making him confused and fearful. What will happen to his toys, his room, his friends, his house? How will he learn to talk in a new language and how will he ever make new friends? As his mission gathers momentum, Mike and Ikem find the answers to his questions and solutions to his problems.

One of the authors is a psychologist, both are experienced expatriates, parents, storytellers and interculturalists. The Mission of Detective Mike: Moving Abroad will allay the fears of every relocating family member as this sensitive story, written in words and terms that make sense to young children, shares rock solid strategies and advice that anyone will find easy to apply." 
(Back Cover)

It was a little wordy for my young ones (so I paraphrased for them a little), but the messages are good and my kids loved the pictures.  Perhaps 9-10 olds would suit the book best. :-)

Congrats to Simone and Ana for turning their dream for this book into a reality... and good luck to all those families relocating right now!  Andrea

Globe Women Summits: 2010; 2011 & 2012

Hi Everyone, Last month, the annual Globe Women Summit celebrated its 20th anniversary in Beijing, China, with 1,040 delegates attending (the largest number in the Summit's history), from 80 countries.  This was an impressive achievement and a credit to both the Summit's longevity and to the Summit's President and key spokesperson, Irene Natividad. 

For those of you interested in reading more about this year's summit, please see below some extracts from the Globe Women newsletter today.

For those of you interested in attending future summits, the 2011 Globe Women Summit will be held in Turkey (dates to be advised) and the 2012 Summit in Greece.

Best wishes for your day/evening! Andrea

Extracts From The Globe Women Summit Newsletter

"At the Opening Ceremony, Summit President Irene Natividad reminded participants of the uniqueness of this global forum – its focus on advancing women’s economic status worldwide; its program emphasis on exchanges of solutions and strategies forged by women; its insistence on having business, government and civil society leaders present at each forum – the three ‘legs’ of change, according to Natividad.

The Honorable Chen Zhili, Vice Chair of China’s Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and Chair of the All-China Women’s Federation, extended her country’s welcome and was joined by Vietnam’s Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan, Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister Maud Olofsson and the First Lady of Tanzania Salma Kikwete in greeting women leaders from around the world. A spectacular display of Chinese cultural music and dance capped the opening of the Summit in the Great Hall of the People, the venue for visiting heads of state over the years, whose doors China opened to women from around the world at the Summit."

"...How business can work together with government and civil society was the theme of the Ministerial Roundtable preceding the Summit. Thirty women government ministers of various portfolios and special high-level government officials including U.S. Ambassador for Global Women’s Issues Melanne Verveer and Uganda’s Deputy Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga shared with each other examples of such partnerships. Corporate leaders as well were invited to present programs they have developed with various governments to improve women’s lives.

ITT’s President for China and India Mike Kuchenbrod spoke of the water program they initiated in China that enabled women and girls in rural areas to secure water through water pumps they learn to put together. Qiagen’s President for Asia Pacific Victor Shi announced the provision of one million test kits that his company is making available to ensure early detection of cervical cancer among Chinese women and those in other developing economies. Wing dar Ker, Microsoft’s General Manager in the Asia Pacific and Greater China Region, spoke of technology programs for women in the region; Ernst & Young’s Billie Williamson described their project to assist entrepreneurial women, while the U.N.’s Executive Director for the International Trade Center Patricia Francis spoke of a telephony project with the Liberian government which enabled market price information to be conveyed speedily to farmers, many of whom are women.

The Ministers themselves voted to recognize two of their peers to receive the Ministerial Best Practices in Public/Private Partnership Awards. This year, Mexico’s Undersecretary of Labor Patricia Espinosa Torres was awarded for her ministry’s program to certify day workers, many of whom are women, to enable them to receive benefits. Saudi Arabia’s first woman minister, Norah al Faiz, Vice Minister of Education, was lauded for various education initiatives for girls developed in alliance with various partners in her country. For each project, the Global Summit of Women gave a U.S.$5,000.00 mini-grant to distinguish these initiatives. (For more information on past and recent Ministerial Roundtables, click here, click to GSW, then to Ministerial Roundtable.)

In keeping with the Summit’s tradition of saluting achievement on the world’s stage on behalf of women, the Global Women’s Leadership Award went to two renowned, outstanding women: Finland’s President Tarja Halonen and President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency and former UN High Commissioner for Refugees Sadako Ogata."

"...The 2010 Summit Women’s Achievement Award was given to Chen Zhili, Vice Chair of China’s Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and Chair of the All-China Women’s Federation (with the rank of Minister). One of the highest ranking women in the Chinese government, Minister Chen serves as a role model for the women in her country as to the heights they can reach with effort, intelligence and leadership skills. She is now heading up ACWF’s programs to expand Chinese women’s economic and educational opportunities as well as to improve women’s health.

The Global Summit of Women itself received an ‘award’ for its two-decade record of bringing women together internationally to improve women’s economic futures by the Sungjoo Foundation. Its President, Sungjoo Kim (CEO of MCM), granted the Summit a US$1 million pledge to be used towards the engagement of youth in entrepreneurship. This year’s Youth Forum – the first of many to come -- brought over 100 business students from China for a program that introduced social and commercial entrepreneurship to this audience.

The Summit marked this generous commitment by granting, in turn, a U.S.$10,000 mini-grant to the All-China Women’s Federation for its Innovative Microenterprise Development program for Chinese Women. One of the interesting aspects of this program included coverage of the interest payments on loans secured by women business owners to start or to grow their businesses, thus releasing additional capitalization.

Since the 2007 in Berlin, the Summit has made a commitment to engage women worldwide to prevent cervical cancer – the only health issue in its program because there is a solution: effective testing and vaccinations. It is the only cancer for which the cause is known, HPV (human papilloma virus), and for which new technologies provide a promise of its eradication. The Summit asked its delegates to inform themselves and others, to get themselves tested and to persuade family members and networks to do the same. Hundreds of delegates at the Beijing Summit submitted pledge cards committing themselves to this fight and thus joining GSW’s Global Consortium to End Cervical Cancer."

"...As it moves towards the next decade, the Global Summit of Women announced two major initiatives to mark its 20th anniversary. The first is NGO Leads, a training program designed to assist NGO leaders in establishing sustainable organizations. “Women’s business associations and economic development groups do a tremendous service for women in other countries, but many are challenged by the demands of meeting their mission with limited resources and largely volunteer-driven programs, so NGO Leads is an attempt to assist in helping these critical institutions to grow,” states Summit President Irene Natividad.

Since small business is the foundation of every economy in the world, Entrepreneurial Legacies is a program that the Summit is launching to connect young women and girls with successful women entrepreneurs in different parts of the world. “You cannot imagine a career in which you don’t see role models, so showcasing women entrepreneurs in your own country and sharing their stories of lessons learned is a powerful source of inspiration, as well as information, for seeing entrepreneurship as a future path for economic success,” explains Natividad. (For NGOs to apply for either program, please email Globe Women here.)"

Monday, June 21, 2010

Successful Expat Women &/Or Interesting Expat Women Entrepreneurs?

Hi Everyone, We are always on the lookout for successful expat women and/or interesting expat entrepreneurs to profile on Expat Women to inspire other women living (or aspiring to live) abroad.

Success Stories: Please get in touch with us if you are (or you know of) a very senior corporate woman abroad, or you (or someone you know) run(s) a business that turns over US$1+ million.  We are always looking for women like you to profile and we would sincerely appreciate your help in tracking down women for this category!

Business Ideas: Please get in touch with us if you are an expat woman running a really interesting business abroad, whose business concept has not already been profiled here.  Right now, we know of a lot of fabulous coaches and consultants, so we are looking for some 'different' ideas - some really unique businesses out there doing some really fun stuff.  Anyone, anyone...? 

Please write to us with your ideas or nominations here.  Be sure to include your website address and a brief description of why you (or your nominee) would make a great Expat Women profile. 

Thanks in advance for your help and have a wonderful week! Andrea

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Urgent Call For Short-Term Expat Researchers in Bahrain, Finland, Switzerland, Abu Dhabi and the Netherlands

Hi Everyone, Susan Musich's start-up Passport Career is now in full-force and she has some great organizations who have now subscribed to her great resource!

To enhance the Passport Career information database, Susan is now seeking expat researchers to gather information on detailed job search information (using a specific template and guidance provided by Passport Career) in: Bahrain; Finland; Switzerland; Abu Dhabi; and the Netherlands.

"If you are interested in taking on a 3-4 week (approximately 25-40 hours average total time needed) research assignment, please email Susan as soon as possible with the following information:
1. Your name and email contact details;
2. Your destination of interest;
3. Country and city in which you currently reside;
4. Why you are interested in this research project;
5. What skills or qualifications you might have to undertake this project; and
6. Confirmation that you can commit 25-40 hours to complete the research within 3-4 weeks.

Please note that Passport Career offers compensation for this project and also makes a small donation to Expat Women for each person hired. Thanks and good luck!  Susan Musich"

Please feel free to pass this email to anyone else who might (also) be interested.  Many thanks, Andrea.

Note of 17 June 2010: Susan is also now looking urgently for a researcher in Egypt and also in Puerto Rico.  Thanks.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Brilliant Social Media Video

Hi Everyone, If you only watch one this month, I highly recommend that you watch Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh).  I believe it is put out by Erik Qualman (author of SocialNomics) in association with Hult International Business School.  The video is lively, it's professional, it's insightful and it's... brilliant.

Is Social Media a fad, or the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?

Some of the facts it shares at the beginning (to groovy music):

  • 50% of the world's population are under 30;
  • 96% of Millennials (aka Generation Y) have joined a social network;
  • Facebook tops Google (!) for weekly traffic on the web;
  • 1 in 8 couples married in the United States met via social networks; and
  • If Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd largest in the world, behind China and India.
But that is only the beginning... I encourage you to click here and enjoy it for yourself. 

Expat entrepreneurs, freelancers, relocation companies and service providers, take notes.

Have a fantastic weekend, Andrea.

Expat Women: Moving Countries?

Hi Everyone, If you an Expat Women member moving countries in the next few months, or you have recently moved, please email us your old and new location country, so when we send things out to members living in a specific country, we do not send you anything for your old location.  Many thanks and good luck with your move! Andrea

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Expat Mobility Magazine Edition Online

Hi Everyone, We got such a good response last month from our inclusion of the most recent Worldwide ERC® Mobility Magazine articles that we would like to share June's new feature stories as well.  If you are in the expat, global mobility and/or relocation industries, enjoy!  Andrea

The European Union: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask
By Anne Dean, GMS

The Global Economy: Closer Than You Think
By Tom Wortham, CRP, GMS

The Basics of Split Payrolls for Expatriates: Splits and Shadows
By Amy Parrent, GMS, CBP, CCP

The Expatriate Experience in South Africa
By Michelle Colona and Danielle Turner

The New Worldwide ERC® Summary Appraisal Report
By Jan Hatfield-Goldman

Analyzing the Perfect Storm: the Present State of the Moving and Storage Industry
By Eric Reed, CRP, GMS

By Ellen Harris, GMS, and Greg Forgrave

Israel - Where Cultures Collide
By Michele Bar-Pereg

Locating Suitable Housing in Amsterdam
By Ilona Eichler

Moving Abroad? Don’t Forget to Pack Your Brain
By Maureen Rabotin, GMS

Responding to Change in the Business World Through Industry-Specific Quality Standards
By Boris A. Populoh

Happy reading!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Expat Job Seekers and Entrepreneurs: Can You Be Found?

Hi Everyone, If you are an expat job seeker or entrepreneur, I invite you to read the guest blog post I wrote this week for Adrienne Graham's Fearless Woman Magazine.

The post is entitled Job Seekers and Entrepreneurs: Can You Be Found? and I hope you get something out of it. It starts like this...

"Once upon a time, job seekers looked for jobs, entrepreneurs looked for clients, and occasionally, employers and clients advertised their needs to the general marketplace – crossing their fingers each time and hoping for a positive, quality response. That was the old marketplace.

Today, we are living in a whole new generation of job and client search. Employers are proactively targeting specific job candidates and clients are seeking out the best entrepreneurial businesses with which to partner. The traditionally-hunted have become the hunters, and the old-style hunters have morphed into the hunted. It is a very interesting dynamic and it is shaking up the whole job/client search paradigm.

Example One: The Large Recruiter
Recently, I met a very senior HR Director working for a very large telecommunications company. He told me..."

To read more, please support Adrienne's new online magazine and click here.  Many thanks.  Andrea :-)

PS. Feedback very welcome, by the way (either on our blog or Adrienne's)! 

Dialogue For Action (For Women), June 24, NYC

Hello Everyone, Here is some information for an event in New York City on June 24, 2010, which is part of the International Herald Tribune’s Female Factor series...

Cécilia Attias Foundation For Women's Dialogue For Action

"The Dialogue for Action will function as a new dynamic platform where action-driven discussions will focus exclusively on identifying the three main women’s issues affecting each continent and finding solutions to improve them.

It will be the first event of its kind to build a dynamic community of organizations that champion the cause of women’s dignity, equality and well-being. We are delighted to be inviting NGO leaders from every continent and to provide them with a platform for dialogue and sharing best practices.

Experts and influencers from the public and private sectors of business, politics, media and academia will provide insight to identify solutions to the most pressing issues facing women.

Following the Dialogue for Action, The Cécilia Attias Foundation for Women will see that dedicated initiatives are implemented where needed. Local regional meetings will be organized as part of the follow-up in the field to assess the progress of each initiative.

With the help of dedicated NGO leaders, our media partners and through a series of creative fundraising events, we will work towards the betterment of women’s lives around the world.


If you have received an invitation letter, please complete the following online registration process to participate in the Dialogue for Action 2010.

Apply For An Invitation

The Dialogue for Action is an invitation-only forum. We welcome NGO leaders and women’s rights experts from the public and private sectors to apply.

To be considered for an invitation, please send us an email or call us at +1 (212) 794 8801 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +1 (212) 794 8801 end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext 107."


Learn From An 86-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who Has Sold 100,000 Knitting Books

Hi Everyone, I read an interview today from Mom Invented®'s Tamara Monosoff, who we featured last month for her new book, Your Million Dollar Dream (affiliate link).

Tamara talked to 86-year-old Betty Lampen who is a knitting pro and who has sold 100,000 copies of her books since 1991. 

We could learn a lot from Betty.  For example:

1. If you have an idea, give it a go!

2. "Never give up. There is always somebody out there who is interested. You just have to find them."

3. You do not need 60 - 100 thousand words to publish a best-selling book. Nor do you need to be the world's leading expert. Betty's books were only 18 pages long (!) and I have a feeling she is not the (only) world expert on knitting.

Questions for You: Do you have an idea for a book?  If you are not writing your book, why not? 


Tips For Expat Women In Europe

Hi Everyone, If you are an expat woman living in Europe, or you know someone who is, you might like to take a look at (and/or send on to a friend) one of the recent articles I wrote with Expatica to help expatriate women living in The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Spain, Russia (Moscow), France and Germany.  Thanks!  Andrea

Tips for Expat Women in The Netherlands

Tips for Expat Women in Belgium

Tips for Expat Women in Switzerland

Tips for Expat Women in the United Kingdom

Tips for Expat Women in Luxembourg

Tips for Expat Women in Spain

Tips for Expat Women in Moscow

Tips for Expat Women in France

Tips for Expat Women in Germany

Speaker Proposals Now Invited For 2011 Families In Global Transitions Conference

Hi Everyone, The team at Families In Global Transition (FIGT) are now inviting speaker proposals for their conference next year (March 17-19) in Washington D.C., United States.

"Do you know the challenges of moving across borders? Do you have a personal history to share, a work philosophy, a special expertise, research findings, or strategies for successful international relocation? If so, FIGT wants to hear from you.

For over 10 years, the annual Families In Global Transition conference has inspired, educated and brought together those serving families on global assignments as well as family members themselves.

The FIGT community of speakers has included top professionals across all sectors. FIGT's mission is to promote the positive value of the international experience, and empower the family unit and those who serve it before, during and after international transitions.

Our work is spread to hundreds worldwide through the words of our distinguished conference speakers and the connections they make with attendees.

...If you are a returning facilitator or new to the FIGT community, we invite you to submit a response to our Request For Proposal (RFP). Deadline for submissions is September 10, 2010."

Click here to read more.  Click here to see the speakers list from the 2010 conference.  I hope you wise and talented women submit a proposal! Andrea :-)

90+ Essential Social Media Resources

Hi Everyone, Mashable published yesterday a really, really great list of social media resources that I highly recommend you take a look at if you are at all interested in social media, or growing your personal or business profile online. 

Just looking at the number of times their blog post has been retweeted (nearly 2,000 times) and shared on Facebook (more than 500 times) in less than 24 hours, I am sure it is not just me who sees this blog posting as a real gem of a collection of social media resources and tools.

Click here to read their 90+ Essential Social Media Resources! Andrea :-)

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