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(Expat) Women Entrepreneurs: Want To Be In Natalie MacNeil's Upcoming Book?

Hi Everyone, If you are an (expat) women entrepreneur, you may like to nominate yourself to be featured in Natalie MacNeil's upcoming book for women entrepreneurs here.

Natalie wrote to me this week and invited me, and everyone in our Expat Women network, to submit our 250-word business stories. She'd love to feature 100 women - so click and submit before May 1st - and you might be one of them. Go for it! Andrea

Natalie MacNeil is an award-winning entrepreneur, influential blogger, and thought leader in the sphere of business and personal branding for women. She is best known as the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the blog, She Takes On The World, one of the top blogs for career-minded women and women entrepreneurs and recognized as one of Forbes’ Ten Best Career Sites for Women and ForbesWoman’s Top 100 Websites for Women.

Expatistan: New Website Comparing International Cost of Living

Hi Everyone, Thanks to an interview on Megan Fitzgerald's great Career By Choice blog, I learnt this week about a very cool online tool for anyone interested in comparing how much it costs to live in different countries. The website is called Expatistan and it could prove a wonderful resource for current and wannabe expats.

Expatistan was created by Spanish software engineer, Gerardo Robledillo, who currently lives as an expat in Prague, Czech Republic. Gerardo also created World Taxi Meter (an online international taxi fare calculator) and 360 cities (an online community for panoramic photographers). To read more about Gerardo in Megan's interview, just click here.

To try Expatistan's cost of living comparison tool, just click here.

...Be warned however... when I tried the tool, it told me that my current city was 78% cheaper to live in than my home city... which means I probably won't be going home anytime soon!  Andrea :-)

Expat Women Sponsor (Barclays Wealth International) Launches iInvestTM

Hi Everyone, If you have money to invest, you may be interested in the following iInvestTM press release, from one of our valued Expat Women Gold Sponsors, Barclays Wealth International.

Press Release: Barclays Wealth iInvestTM

Barclays Wealth, a leading global wealth management firm and the UK’s largest, has announced the launch of Barclays Wealth iInvestTM, a new international investment service for Barclays Wealth International clients. Barclays Wealth iInvestTM enables clients to invest in products across a range of global markets and asset classes, from one single investment account, in GBP, US or EUR currencies.

Barclays Wealth iInvestTM is available to UK non-domiciles, UK expats, foreign nationals and residents of Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man and Gibraltar, who have a minimum of £50,000 to invest.

International investment advisers will provide clients with expert advice to help them build bespoke portfolios that are tailored around their individual investment profile.

Barclays Wealth iInvestTM clients can place money in products that invest in:
• shares
• bonds
• commodities
• exchange traded funds
• managed funds
• structured products

Commenting on the launch of this new offering, Mark Richards, Managing Director, Barclays Wealth International and Wealth Intermediaries, said: “In this current environment where interest rates are lower than the rate of inflation, investors are seeing savings being eroded in real terms. With little expectation that interest rates will rise higher than inflation any time soon, Barclays Wealth iInvestTM provides an opportunity potentially to boost returns through diversification. There is a strong case for investing across geographies and the launch of Barclays Wealth iInvestTM is in direct response to client appetite for access to products that provide returns from shares, bonds, exchange traded funds, managed funds and structured products across the globe.”

Please note the value of investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you invested.

To find out more information on Barclays Wealth iInvestTM please visit
http://www.barclayswealth.com/international/investments.htm or call +44 (0)1624 684496

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Missed Some Great Expat Links on Twitter?

Hi Everyone, Here are some great expat-related links I have tweeted recently, that might interest you. Enjoy!

"Is There A Perfect Personality For Expats?" Very good article in The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Difficulties Of Divorcing Abroad

Expat Women Uncomfortable Driving Abroad Survey Shows

The Trailing Spouse: The Achilles Heal of International Assignments?

True? Nobody Cares About Your Story

Bored in France? Expat Nicky Rowe says never - She defends her adopted home

Most British Expats Don't Want To Go Home?

Shocking Story of an Expat Woman Jailed for 5 Months in the UAE When She Reported Her Rape

7 Reasons Not To Become An Expat?

Are You "Escaping" or "Relocating"?

The World: A Classroom and Playground: Lessons from the Study Abroad Cycle

"An Honest Look At My Life as An Expat” A Loss of Identity Story

Tiger Mom, Meet Panda Dad

“Have Camera, Will Travel” Interview with an expat filmmaker

What Makes A Good Expat?

How to Stand Out in the Global Marketplace: Part 2 of 5

Great piece about a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and a Quarter Life Crisis

Talent Mobility 2020: The Next Generation of International Assignments (36 page report by PWC)

How Does A Third Culture Kid (TCK) Define 'Home'?

"How Becoming an Expat Entrepreneur Changed My Life”

What Is Expat Identity? Article on Expatica by Anthropologist Sarah Steeger

Expat Life and Alcohol Addiction

Interesting Article in Guardian UK: Should We Stop Using the Term Expat?

Expat Time Travel: The Positive Side of Putting a Career on Hold

Delayed Grieving Abroad: An Expat's Tale of Coping with Death Back Home

The Great Expat Party: Bars, Clubs, Drinks: One Perspective

How To Earn A Living Online From A Foreign Country

10 Tips To Grow Your Career Overseas

10 Step Plan to Career Change

Helping Expat Children Adjust To Life Abroad

Living in an Expat Bubble? 2 Bloggers Have Their Say: Patryk Kujawski on http://bit.ly/h57GQd and Anne Egros on http://bit.ly/dGquKS

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Are You A Relocation/Global Mobility Industry Professional Looking For A Flexible, Part-Time Sales Position?

Hi Everyone, We at Expat Women are excited to soon launch our first (of several) high-quality, company-customizable books for the relocation and global mobility industry, which talk about real-life issues for expatriate women and aim to inspire women abroad.

We want to make a real impact on the relocation/global mobility industry, and to do so, we need an industry professional who is available and passionate to help.

Do you know anyone?

Ideally, we are looking for someone with all of the following attributes:

* Has 10+ years genuine experience working professionally in the relocation/global mobility industry (not just moving around yourself, even if you have moved 20 times, sorry), with a major relocation/mobility company

* Is a fabulous networker and already has many legitimate contacts in this industry that they can approach straight away

* Loves people and is not afraid to initiative conversations to help sell our products

* Has excellent written and oral English communication skills

* Has great online skills (email systems, Internet usage, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, LinkedIn and so on)

* Boasts high integrity and trustworthiness

* Is female (given that we are a women's site)

* Resides in the United States

We want the role to be a win-win, so we invite you to work from home and determine your own part-time hours. This role therefore might be perfect for someone taking time out of the full-time workforce (perhaps to raise a family), but who still wants to work in the industry and gain new experiences.

For more information, please send your confidential email (and why this interests you) ASAP to: Andrea Martins, Director, ExpatWomen.com. Thank you.

Expat Women.com is the largest global website helping women living overseas. Our goal is to inspire your success abroad. We share 1,700+ expat women blogs, interviews with successful women living abroad, 300+ readers' stories, information for nearly 200 countries, links for expat clubs and international schools, an inspirational blog, a free monthly newsletter and hundreds of motivational articles. We have 11,000 members, from 175 nationalities, based in 191 countries.

Just Released! 2011 Global Relocation Trends Survey Report (Expats)

Hi Everyone, The annual, well-respected and highly quoted Global Relocation Trends Survey Report has just been released, by Brookfield Global Relocation Services.

Here are some excerpts from their press release today:

* 61 percent of global companies surveyed are expecting to transfer more employees in 2011 than in recent years, according to the just-released 2011 Global Relocation Trends Survey Report, published by Brookfield Global Relocation Services.

* The percentage of new hires for international assignments hits an all-time low (8 percent).

* Meanwhile, only 9 percent of international assignees are 20 to 29 years old (tied for the lowest percentage in the report's history).

* While there are some signs of improvement, obtaining spouse/partner employment during international assignments continues to be a struggle. In this report, 60 percent of spouses/partners were employed before but just 12 percent during assignments.

* 18 percent of international assignees were women, compared to a historical average of 16 percent.

* 68 percent of international assignees were married and less than half (47 percent) had children accompanying them, an all-time low.

* Just 74 percent of companies provided cross-cultural preparation - the lowest percentage in the history of this report -While this benefit may be an easy one to cut to reduce costs, it is difficult to ensure the quality of web-based or self-service cross-cultural preparation that is usually offered as an alternative.

* As a consequence, although companies are increasingly focusing on cost reductions and efficiencies in their international relocation operations, amazingly, 92 percent of companies did not formally measure return on investment (ROI). When asked why, 50 percent of respondents indicated that the principal reason for not measuring ROI is that they do not know how to achieve it.

* China, Brazil and India are top emerging destinations; China, India and Russia cited as most challenging destinations for both expats and relocation managers.

* The location of a company's headquarters is a significant factor in that company's optimism: Those headquartered in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) were more optimistic than their counterparts with headquarters in North America. For example, 64 percent of EMEA-based companies expected to send more employees on assignment this year, versus 58 percent of companies based in North America.

In all, 118 multinational firms participated in the worldwide survey; combined, these firms manage a worldwide employee population of 5.6 million. Brookfield Global Relocation Services will present key findings of its 2011 survey on Thursday, April 21, during a complimentary webinar that will provide a comparative analysis of the key global mobility issues facing businesses today. All webinar attendees will receive the full Global Relocation Trends Survey report. To register, please click here.

Brookfield Global Relocation Services is a full service provider of corporate and government relocation and assignment management services to more than 250 corporate and government clients. Brookfield Global Relocation Services manages over 50,000 relocations in more than 110 countries throughout the world, and funds over $3.6 billion dollars in relocation expenses annually. Brookfield Global Relocation Services is an operating company of Brookfield Residential Property Services, a leading global provider of real estate and relocation services, technology, and knowledge.

Worldwide ERC® EMEA Global Workforce Summit: Free Conference Registration for Corporate/HR Professionals

Hi Everyone, If you are a Corporate/Human Resources (HR) Professional who might be interested in attending the Worldwide ERC® EMEA Global Workforce Summit in Amsterdam, June 23-24, you are invited to sign up now, for free.

Just like they did for their Summit in Shanghai last month, the Worldwide ERC® is offering this opportunity to Corporate/HR Professionals, but just like Shanghai, the free spots are limited.

The offer is open to "all corporate HR professionals responsible for the talent management and global mobility of their company’s employees."

To learn more, please click here. Then, if you have further questions, please contact Vice President, Meetings and Member Alliances Cici Thompson at Meetings@WorldwideERC.org. Thank you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

US Global Mail - Free 3 Month Trial for Expat Women Members

Hi Everyone, Our Bronze Sponsor US Global Mail, would like to offer you a free 3 month trial of their service, so you can experience just how wonderful they are. I encourage you to consider it! Andrea :)

Shop and ship from the United States (US) with complete confidence with US Global Mail.

US Global Mail (USGM), has been in the business of making life easier for US expats and overseas shoppers for the past eight years. The company was created by expats and for expats, with a need to control their mail and packages while away from the US for extended periods.

The concept is simple, but the technology behind it very unique. Here is how it works:

1. You sign up online, send in a few forms to verify identity and you are given your own personalized mailing address in the US.

2. You can use this address to route all your incoming mail and packages to it. Once it is received, USGM will enter the details about the pieces received into an online portal.

3. You log in to your account and voila - you have all the information on the physical mail and packages received – you can now decide what you want USGM to do with it. You could choose to have it consolidated, select various shippers, or even have USGM discard it if it’s just junk mail or catalogues.

4. Everything arrives to you via FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS – delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.

USGM offers several unique benefits for overseas shoppers:
1. Retailers that do not ship internationally will ship to your USGM address. Shop from several online US shops – Gap, Abercrombie, Gilt, Hautelook, etc and have it all sent to your address in the US.

2. Consolidation - Have USGM repack everything so that you can cut the bulk and save tons on shipping.

3. Lowest international rates – the tremendous volume of shipping handled by USGM allows it to pass on the savings to their clients.

4. Security – USGM has a secure warehouse in Houston, TX and several layers of security on its website. So shop and ship with confidence.

5. Absolutely no hidden charges ever. Shipping companies are notorious for things like fuel surcharges, extended delivery area charges etc. With USGM, what you see is what you pay! They will never charge any fees that is not clearly posted on the website. You can even ask for a quote before you ship.

As a very special offer to visitors from Expat Women, US Global Mail would like to offer you a completely risk-free trial of their services at no cost for the first THREE months. Just click here and then use the code EXWO when signing up.

There is a reason US Global Mail has thousands of very satisfied customers worldwide. You can see some of the wonderful things they have to say about them at http://www.facebook.com/usglobalmail. Become a Facebook fan for even more exclusive deals!

Thank you in advance for considering to use US Global Mail – a valued Sponsor of Expat Women!

And thanks in advance for joining our main Expat Women site, if you have not already!  Andrea

Missed Some Great Writers' Links on Twitter?

Hi Everyone, If you are an aspiring/professional, writer, here are some of my recent writers' tweets that might interest you, as you write your expat stories and/or you write for business or pleasure:

Highly Recommended: Savvy Book Marketing Secrets: 52 Experts Share Insider Tips for Selling More Books http://bit.ly/SavvySecrets

About To Launch Your Book? Read Tips and Lessons Learned http://bit.ly/fRIXeS

Need eBook Conversions? Check the Directory http://bit.ly/ex3Awb

5 Non-Fiction Book Writing Mistakes and Solutions http://bit.ly/bamkbI

Expat Writers: How Do You Write Memoir About The Places You've Been and The Things You Have Done? http://bit.ly/fNQT7a

Getting Up To Speed on eBooks - 4 Videos http://bit.ly/fuRdlz

Blog Tours For Authors: 5 Great Tips! http://bit.ly/fUD1qp

Are Expat Bloggers Going Pro? http://bit.ly/gctEa8

Promote Your Books in the Publications Section on LinkedIn http://bit.ly/dY7fR1

Should You Give Your Friends and Family a Copy of Your New Book? http://bit.ly/f77Hg6

This expat publisher Jo Parfitt focuses on "life abroad" books... for the "shelfless" http://bit.ly/gKHT38

What Should You Include In Your Online Press Kit? http://bit.ly/i3mHEf

Tips for Authors from Sarah Pietrzak - http://bit.ly/i2bAkG

Launching a book? Charlie's Lessons Learned from Tim Ferriss' campaign http://bit.ly/hmymFq

Excellent Tips For Using Photos in Your Print-on-Demand Books http://bit.ly/ef7ljJ

Do You Think eBook Champion Seller Amanda Hocking is Lucky? http://bit.ly/hWLPwy

BigINChina Write-up By Expat Legend Jo Parfitt: http://j.mp/gnUf8v

How Do You Go About Content Marketing? http://bit.ly/dISHBz

Authors & Publishers: The Problem With Book Distribution? http://bit.ly/ex3JBC

26 Ways to Win at Self Publishing http://t.co/zFQnmfM

Authors: Interesting article from Aaron Shepard about CreateSpace (Amazon's own publishing platform) http://bit.ly/fwNyvT

Writers: Be Inspired By First Self-Published Kindle Author To Have Her Book Optioned To Film http://bit.ly/hMhP1D

If you would like to follow me in 'real time' on Twitter, my Twitter ID is @andreaexpat, or you can just click here. Twitter is surprisingly easy, once you take a look.

Best wishes, enjoy your day/evening! Andrea :-)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Talent Mobility 2020: The Next Generation of International Assignments

Hi Everyone, If you are interested in trends and predictions for global mobility, you might be interested in last year's Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) report entitled, Talent Mobility 2020: The Next Generation of International Assignments. If you missed it then (like we did), here are some of the highlights we just read about:

* Global assignments are expected to increase 50% by 2020. Compared to the last decade (1999-2009), which saw only a 25% increase.

* Many countries’ populations are aging, and as a result many of those economies face talent shortages.  Collaboration between businesses and government is inevitable in order to address the gaps - and people will likely continue working past today’s typical retirement age.

* Additionally, by 2025, the world’s 30 most highly populated cities will feature new cities not even listed in 2007, edging out cities such as London and Lima.  These newly listed locations can provide a new pool of talent, attracting companies to these places.  Company host locations are expected to increase 50% by 2020.

* Three main categories of employees will exist by 2020: Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and Millennials.  The demands and needs of each group vary widely, which will require organizations to adapt and become more creative with their mobility strategies.  A quick summary of these groups in 2020:

Baby Boomers: Many will put off retirement, despite having achieved their career goals, and continue working to ensure financial security through retirement.  Traditional expatriate assignment packages will likely continue to be the norm for this group.

Generation Xers: This group will have reached a peak point in their careers, particularly in terms of income, but also want to secure retirement and perhaps fund their children’s education.  Higher-profile positions will be most attractive to this generation.  In terms of international assignments, some may prefer a traditional path, while others will look for something more flexible, such as short-term or commuter-type assignments, to fit their personal lifestyle and priorities.

Millennials: They see international assignments as vital to personal growth and will likely make up the majority of expatriate employees.  They will pursue opportunities abroad if those opportunities are more attractive than what their home country might offer.  Personal interests and goals take importance over monetary rewards in choosing assignments, and most millennials seem to believe global assignment in their career is inevitable.

* Because of these changing dynamics, by 2020, very few international assignments and packages will look as most do today.

* Technology will be important for companies to utilize, but it will not ultimately remove the need for people “on the ground.”  Businesses that adapt with technology will attract young workers, versus organizations that do not.

* Social media will continue to influence and change work-life boundaries as employees use blogs, social networking sites such as Facebook, and other similar mediums in their everyday lives.  As a result, these blurred lines will cause employees’ personal privacy to become an issue.  Businesses will need to make clear distinctions to offset this and other potential issues of increased technology usage.

To read the full 36-page report, please click here: Talent Mobility 2020: The Next Generation of International Assignments. Happy reading! Andrea

'I Am Not A Tourist' Fair in Madrid - 6 May 2011

Hi Everyone, If you are an expat in Spain (or planning to be soon), don't miss the upcoming “i am not a tourist” Madrid on Friday, 6 May.

Here are some words from our friends at Expatica (the organizers):

“i am not a tourist” 2011 
This year, our Fair will be an interactive extravaganza of experts and companies specialising in expatriate life, workshops, networking and entertainment.

We’ve invited over 40 exhibitors to offer you a helping hand
Have a chat with a recruitment agent, get a word of advice on health insurance or banking, compare international schools and universities, join a group/club or just take the chance to mix with like-minded internationals.

Get invaluable information about surviving abroad
Attend seminars on landing that perfect job, banking, or setting up a business, and enjoy great entertainment and networking opportunities. The programme includes a yoga workshop and wine tasting as well as on-stage performances and even a SpeedDate. And don't hesitate to bring your family along; we have set aside a whole room just for them!

DKV Globality, Staysure and Clements International proudly sponsor the “i am not a tourist” Fair 2011 and will be there to answer any questions you have regarding insurance.

Get your FREE tickets now at: www.iamnotatourist.es.

Expat Women April Newsletter Highlights

Hi Everyone, For those of you who missed (or did not get time to read) our Expat Women April newsletter, we invite you to click on the highlights below to read our latest features. Many thanks! Andrea

Success Story: Karen Hastings: Cupcake

Business Idea: CAMENAE Group: Jill Walker and Brittany Callard

Expat Confession: Expat Friends Leaving: by our Expat Women Girlfriend

The STARS Come Out at FIGT: A Report from the Families in Global Transition (FIGT) Conference, held in Washington DC, March 17-19, 2011: by Apple Gidley

FAWCO Conference 2011: A Report from the FAWCO (Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas) Conference in Marrakech, Morocco: 16 - 20 March 2011: by Andrea Martins

Winning Story: Making it Home: by Jenna (An American in Brazil)
"Moving back to Rio under much better circumstances was not the piece of cake I had expected. True, this time around, I didn’t have to worry about visas or finding housing on a pauper’s salary, didn’t have to count my change every morning and pass up air conditioned buses because their fare was too expensive... But suddenly, hassles I’d never contemplated took center stage. I was a newlywed in a foreign country. All my friends worked regular jobs and lived at least an hour’s commute away, making visiting difficult. People seemed flummoxed by the change from favela to high-rise, and many of my old acquaintances fell out of touch..."

Winning Member: The name of our Explorer Publishing mini-guide pack winner.

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Expat Women: Are You on Facebook?

Hi Everyone, If you are on Facebook and you would like to support us by 'liking' us on Facebook, please jump now to our home page (or any other page on our site) and quickly click on our Facebook 'like' button. It only takes a ten seconds. (Or, if you can actually see the 'like' button that we tried to include on this blog post, please just click that instead. Thanks!)

On the home page, the 'like' button is near our welcome text at the top. On every other page, the button is in the top pink striped banner section. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day/evening! Andrea

Reminder: Clements International's Expat Youth Scholarship 2011: Entries Close May 13

Hi Everyone, If you know any expat youth aged between 12 and 18, then please remind them that the 2011 Clements International Expat Youth Scholarship is accepting entries only until May 13.

The Clements scholarship offers US$10,000, to be shared by six winning students. It is a fabulously positive contest and we wish all expat youth entrants all the very, very best! Andrea

Clements International's Expat Youth Scholarship 2011

Now in its third year, Clements International's Expat Youth Scholarship is a unique contest exclusively for expat students who spend their childhoods moving between different countries and cultures.

The 2011 Expat Youth Scholarship is open to students ages 12-18 of any nationality who have resided in a foreign country for at least two consecutive years.

This year's theme asks participants to create a video explaining their favorite thing about their host country and its culture.

A total of US$10,000 in scholarships will be awarded to six students in the following categories:

Category One (Ages 12 - 15)
1st Place $3,000
2nd Place $1,500
3rd Place $ 500

Category Two (Ages 16 - 18)
1st Place $3,000
2nd Place $1,500
3rd Place $ 500

Please share this with any young expats you know who many be interested, and encourage them to visit Clements' Scholarship site for more information.

The best way to stay updated and share info about the Expat Youth Scholarship (EYS)?
Become a Facebook fan and follow EYS on Twitter!

Thanks and good luck to all entrants!

ExpatWomen.com's Silver Sponsor Clements International is a leading provider of insurance for expatriates and international organizations. Founded in 1947, Clements offers worldwide auto, property, health, life and commercial insurance with superior customer service and claims response to customers in more than 170 countries. For more information on Clements International's global list of programs and services, please click here. Thanks.

April 2011 Edition of Mobility Magazine Online

Hi Everyone, If you are in the expat, global mobility and/or relocation industries, you may be interested in the April 2011 edition of the Worldwide ERC® Mobility Magazine, which features the following:

The Big Squeeze... After You Think You’ve Gotten It All: More Policy Savings
By Ellie Sullivan, SCRP, SGMS and Tim McCarney, GMS

Perfect Partners: Trusted Advisors and Educated Clients
By Anita Brienza, GMS

Demystifying Personal Finance for American Expatriates
By Andrew Fisher

Expats: the Pitfalls of Parting Company
By Nino Nelissen, SGMS

All for One and One for All: an Examination of Lump-sum Programs
By Marti Briney, CRP, SGMS

Destination Profile: Saudi Arabia
By Mohamad Hadbaoui and Duncan Lawson

Skill Set Switch: the Challenges and Changes in the Higher Education Relocation Market
By Helen McNeece, CMC, CRP and Jean Mann, GMS

Get on the Retention Train: Three Ways to Eliminate Complacency, Prove Competency (and Retain More Clients!)
By Jill Heineck, CRP

Happy reading! Andrea

Monday, April 4, 2011

Expat Women April Home Page

Hi Everyone! Just back from three weeks of travel (Marrakech for Expat Women, then Jakarta and Bali for the school holidays), I wanted to let you know that our April home page is up! Please take a few minutes to read, enjoy, share and tweet about them for us. Thank you very much and I wish you a fabulous April. Warmest regards, Andrea.

Success Story
Karen Hastings
Karen Hastings is a savvy American entrepreneur in London who opened Cupcake – a concept spa and private members' club for mums-to-be and new mothers with young children. A Young Guns Award from Growing Business Magazine, a spot as one of the top 100 Start Ups in the UK, and rave reviews across major and local media have encouraged her to expand...
Read more

Business Idea
Jill Walker and Brittany Callard
Brittany Callard and Jill Walker had been living parallel lives across Europe and South East Asia for the last two decades when they decided to embark on a new project together: CAMENAE. With their collective design training and international business experience, Jill and Brittany have built CAMENAE into a successful luxury brand of Italian made leather handbags and accessories...
Read more

Expat Confession
Expat Friends Leaving
Expat Women Girlfriend
My partner and I have been living as expats for the past six years. Unlike most of our expat friends, we are not on the 'expat treadmill' and do not have to move every two to three years because of our employer. However, many of our friends are now getting ready to be moved to another location and every time we catch up with them, a large part of the conversation revolves around their upcoming move and how unsettling it is. But I cannot help but think about those of us left behind. It is unsettling for us as well...
Read more

The STARS Come Out at FIGT
A Report from the Families in Global Transition (FIGT) Conference, held in Washington DC, March 17-19, 2011
Apple Gidley
Two key words came out of the Families in Global Transition (FIGT) Conference in Washington DC last month. The first wasfocus. The second was STARS - Spouses Travelling and Relocating Successfully, as an alternative to the traditional and not always well-respected term, "trailing spouse".  UK Telegraph blogger and long-time FIGT supporter, Apple Gidley, tells us more about what took place at this year's FIGT conference...
Read more

FAWCO Conference 2011
A Report from the FAWCO (Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas) Conference in Marrakech, Morocco: 16 - 20 March 2011
Andrea Martins
Morocco: home of wonderful spice markets, gorgeous-colored materials in the Medinas, exotic jewelry, shoes straight out of Arabian nights, buildings ornately decorated from floor to ceiling with the most exquisite tiles, delicious food to shake up the senses... it is little wonder that last month's 40th Biennial FAWCO (Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas) Conference, themed Celebrate Tradition, Embrace Diversity, in Marrakech was so well attended...
Read more

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