Monday, March 4, 2013

Online Summit for Expats, International Entrepreneurs & Global Citizens

Hi Everyone, The Foreignator Summit starts today! The brainchild of Katya Barry, this is a free, online event that brings together inspiring expat/international entrepreneurs who share how to make the most of the international experience, build a fulfilling life, and gain independence and flexibility through building a soul-full business that operates on a global scale.

The biographies of Katya's interviewees are on her official website, but here is a quick overview of the interview release schedule:
Monday March 4th: Natalie Sisson, Alicia Cowen
Tuesday March 5th: Kickstart Kitchen, Catherine Just
Wednesday March 6th: Ameena Falchetto, Natasha Vorompiova
Thursday March 7th: Farnoosh Brock, Alexa Hart, Marie Teather
Friday March 8th: Anne Samoilov, Mayi Carles and Katya Barry 

If you are interested, be quick to click here for more details about this week's events. And congrats to Katya for this great initiative. Andrea

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