Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Expat Women September 2010 Home Page

Hi Everyone, Please take a look at, share and tweet about our new September Expat Women home page, which features:

Success Story
Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda
General Secretary, World YWCA
An energetic champion of women's rights, Zimbabwean Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda was appointed General Secretary of the General Secretary, World YWCA in November 2007, following ten years of strong advocacy experience with the United Nations...

Business Idea
Sentinella Network (& Word Queen)
Keidi Keating
Tired of the rain and gloom of London, copywriter and editor Keidi Keating moved to the sunny beaches of Spain. After struggling to find work, an unexpected turn of events brought her to the helm of a popular local expat magazine...

Inspiring Women Abroad
Book: Beyond Borders: Portraits Of American Women From Around The World
My-Linh Kunst
Beyond Borders: Portraits of American Women from around the World celebrates “seemingly ordinary”’ American women living abroad, who have assimilated into the culture of their host nations and achieved something meaningful in their chosen path…

Expat Confession
Teen Suicide
Expat Women Girlfriend
Three weeks ago, an expat girl in my daughter's class committed suicide and the whole school is still in shock... My daughter is 14 years old and seems extremely affected by the girl's death, the finality of suicide and her suicide note which blamed her family for moving her abroad...

Expat Volunteers
Celebrating Two Great Expat Volunteers
Anne Ponti-Riggins & Pamela Musselman
Be inspired by the stories of Anne Ponti-Riggins and Pamela Musselman: two women whose volunteer efforts abroad exemplify some of our incredible, selfless, unsung expat heroines abroad...

Repatriation: Tips And Advice To Ease The Transition
Dana Frost
Filled with anticipation and expectation, we go home after living abroad, never imagining that it could be more difficult than the countries and cultures we have manoeuvred in foreign lands. But the real journey ‘home’ is an emotional and mental marathon that in reality is not so fast...

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