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Writers: Missed Some Great Writers' Links on Twitter?

Hi Everyone, If you are an aspiring, or a professional, writer, here are some of my recent writer-related tweets that might interest you, as you write your expat stories and/or you write for business or pleasure:

Highly Recommended: 52 Great Blogs For Self-Publishers

5 Strategies for Success as a Freelance Writer

Inspiring: Interview with self published, single dad, whose income went from poverty level to US$25k this quarter

Just Discovered: 50 Things Under $50 To Help Promote Your Book (2009, but still great tips)

Tips to help you overcome writer's block, by one of world's leading thinkers

23 Websites ( and 23 More Websites ( To Help Make Your Writing Stronger

Some good answers to the "How do you prevent a PDF/e-book from being shared?" question:

3 Ways To Capture/Visualize Your Literary Goals

Thinking of Getting Bloggers to Help Promote Your Book? Advice:

Writers: How to Find Paying Magazines with Keyword Research

Writers: Tips For Checking Your Book Proofs From The Printer

How to Sell More Books on Amazon

Next Big Market For eBooks? South Korea

Writers: Seen Duotrope's Digest? Free resource site listing publications that might take your articles...

Recommended: 7 Secrets for Amazing Author Websites

Writers: 12 Ways To Create A Mailing List That Will Sell Books

Writers: Book Designer, Book Shepherd, Book Doctor or Book Producer: Which One Do You Need?

Writers: Tips for Setting Financial Goals for Your Book

Authors: Thinking of Using a Pseudonym?

6 things wannabe expat writers must know featuring Jo Parfitt

Is This The Biggest Book Promotion You Have Ever Seen?

Want To Get Published? Watch interview with John Wiley and Sons rep at Blog World 2010

Do You Make These Press Release Mistakes?

Writers: Success Story: Karen van der Zee: 35 Romance Novels Published!

How do you get Google to notice your eBook?

Influencers 2010: On Writing, Publishing, Blogging, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

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Best wishes, enjoy your day/evening! Andrea :-)

ps. My apologies if this text/font comes through too large. I'm still adjusting to a Mac and my Mac doesn't talk well to Blogger, apparently. Thanks for your understanding. Andrea.

Update (1 week later): Sorry Everyone. The title was originally "expat" links. It should have been "writers' links". It has been amended now. My sincere apologies for any confusion. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Videos From The Expat Forum 2010: Hosted By Clements International

Hi Everyone, If you missed the Expat Forum 2010 in Washington last October, you might like to take a look at a few of the short video excerpts of the event here.

The panel comprised of four wonderful people. This will tell you a little more about each:

Alan Paul is the author of Big in China, to be released by Harper Collins in March 2011. (Click on the link just mentioned to see his awesome promo video that I loved - congrats Alan!)  It is a memoir of living in China as a male accompanying spouse, raising three American children in Beijing and the unlikely success of his Chinese blues band, Woodie Alan.  The book explores many issues of central concern and interest to expat families, including: raising Third Culture Kids; the challenges and joys of being an accompanying spouse; and the difficulties of being part of a very transitory community.

Paul wrote "The Expat Life" column for from 2005, when he moved to China, until June 2009, shortly after he moved back to the United States.  Paul's columns normalized the expat experience and earned a wide following.  The National Society of Newspaper Columnists named him 2008 Columnist of the Year.  He also reported from Beijing for NBC, Sports Illustrated, the Wall Street Journal, and other media outlets.  Paul has been a senior writer for Slam magazine since 1999 and for Guitar World magazine since 1991.  His writing has also appeared in The New Yorker, Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, People,, Rolling, and many other publications and websites.  He has contributed to The Rolling Stone Jazz and Blues Guide, The Insider's Guide to Beijing, and several other books. Alan, his wife Rebecca, and their three children reside in Maplewood, NJ.

Alyson Rose-Wood is former international white water raft guide, Alyson Rose-Wood is a 2009-2011 Presidential Management Fellow with the National Institutes of Health.  She is currently on detail to the Office of Global Health Affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services where she is assisting with the Haiti health relief effort.  Alyson has a Master of Science in Global Health and Population with a concentration in Infectious Disease Epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health. She is interested in all things related to mosquitoes.

The child of U.S. diplomats, Alyson grew up in Botswana, Ethiopia, Mali, and Honduras.  She served in the Peace Corps in Morocco and has returned to Mali and Ethiopia to work professionally.  Her interest in the Foreign Service Youth Foundation stems from her own background as a Third Culture Kid but also her time spent as the Globe Trotter's Program Director (2006-2007).  She now serves on the Board of Directors of the Foreign Service Youth Foundation.  Alyson credits her peripatetic upbringing with providing her with a sense of adventure (and restlessness) but also instilling in her, from a young age, a desire to serve and put her cross-cultural "know-how" to good use.

Maureen Johnston is a Resource Specialist at the U.S. Dept. of State's Overseas Briefing Center at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) where she assists both new and seasoned Foreign Service employees and family members with a variety of transition issues.  She also does training for the life-skills section of FSI's Transition Center.  She holds a BS in Elementary Education from the University of Maryland and a Masters in Education from George Mason University.  She has taught both in the US and abroad. During her years overseas, as the wife of a Foreign Service Specialist in Europe and Africa, she also worked in various positions within the embassy including protocol secretary for an ambassador and Community Liaison Office Coordinator.  Both her adult children were born and attended school abroad.

Andrea Martins - If you are a regular reader of this blog (thanks, as always, for your support!) you already know me. But if you are new and would like to read my bio, feel free to click on the Clements International site - Expat Forum 2010 - Speakers Page. Thanks.

Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone! Andrea

Note to anyone who watches the videos: The only reason my hair was limp that day was because Jennifer Aniston's hairdresser was not available. I'll book more in advance next time. ;-)

Robin Pascoe's Expat Blogella:The Rest of My Life

Hi Everyone, If you have ever read books written specifically for expats, there is a good chance that you have read one of Robin Pascoe's books.  Robin is well-known for her witty expat books and I know many of you enjoy reading what Robin gets up to. Many of you have also met Robin when she was on the international speaking circuit, championing 'the expat family' for so many years.

Trying to retire from the speaking circuit, last year Robin launched a Successful Living Abroad series of 20 online video lectures, that you can enjoy for free here. And now, Robin has taken a leap of faith and launched her own Expat Blogella: The Rest of My Life.

Robin's new blogella is expat fiction (although when you read the characters, you realize that Robin has based her fiction on people you have probably met in your expat travels, so whilst it is fiction in terms of Robin's family life, it is quite close to the truth for many expats who have either survived or witnessed the heartbreak of infidelity and/or divorce abroad - and for that reason, it certainly makes a good read).

So far, Robin has posted six installments on The Rest of My Life - the blog of her new fictional character, Joelly Schuster. If you are interested, you can read them all here, or if you'd just like a sample, you can read the first installment below. (Thanks Robin for granting us permission to re-post it.)

Happy Friday/weekend reading! Andrea

Installment One

"I have to begin somewhere, so why not today when I have been 53-years-old for just over twenty-four hours? Yesterday wasn’t the greatest birthday I have ever celebrated but it wasn’t the worst either. My lovely daughter took me out to a fancy restaurant because she didn’t want me to be alone.

She’s worried about her old mother in this new life which no longer includes her father since he recently ditched me, in Beijing of all places. Naturally, it was for a woman half his age and younger than our daughter.

There is a reason clich├ęs were invented. Bumper stickers too, like “Shit Happens”. They can be incredibly useful for summing up one’s life.

Maybe I could write bumper stickers instead of a taking a job as a barista at the Starbucks in the market. God knows I have served enough coffee in my life. I keep threatening to become a professional milk whipper because I’m now completely broke and it would seem, unemployable because of my age and a blank CV.

My daughter isn’t the only one fretting about what I am going to do now with the rest of my life (yes, it is the perfect title for this blog if I do say so myself). My son Brian isn’t exactly thrilled about his mother’s new and extremely reduced circumstances.

Barely out of college, the poor guy has his whole working life ahead of him (once he figures out what he wants to work at) but already he’s been offering his mother the money he has been saving up for a car. What a good son I raised. But I’ll crawl to the supermarket before I will let him give me his hard-earned money. 

Brian is so angry with his father right now, but what else is new? He’s been mad at him his entire life because he was simply never there. He was always on a business trip or working late for whatever oil company was controlling our lives at the time, always too tired if he was home on a weekend to coach any of Brian’s school teams.

I suppose I’ll have to get to that story at some point in this cyber diary with its clever title chosen precisely because I haven’t got a ******* clue what to do with the rest of my sorry little life.

Am I even allowed swearing on a blog? Too damn bad if I’m not supposed to since I’ve already been at it. My son isn’t the only one with anger issues obviously or so says the shrink I lined up before I even arrived in Ottawa.

Wait, am I supposed to even say where I’m living? Is there an instruction manual anywhere other than Blogging for Dummies which I saw in the bookstore? And does there happen to be a version for menopausal idiots who can barely remember to finish a sentence?

Please leave a comment and a link, dear reader. All one of you and that does not include you, Deborah (that’s my daughter). You don’t count. It’s your fault for even talking me into this in the first place."

Monday, January 17, 2011

Missed Some Great Expat Links on Twitter?

Hi Everyone, Here are some expat-related articles and links that I have tweeted about recently, that might interest you:

Expat Survey says it's the leisure time, not the money, that's better abroad

Top 10 Places for Women Expats

Loved new video promo for book by expat trailing man Alan Paul who reinvented himself in China

Top International Women to Follow on Twitter

Why Should Expat Families Abroad Care About the Boarding School or College/University Visit?

Ex-Career Expat Wives - Your thoughts?

Expat study suggests that providing too much support may actually hinder workplace performance

Got $500k to $1million to invest in the U.S. economy to fast track your U.S. citizenship?

Well-known author of expat books, Robin Pascoe, releases new repatriate "blogella"

Article Writing: Interview with Expat Writing Coach Jo Parfitt

Want To Know Who's Speaking At The 2011 FIGT Conference?

Moving to London, Geneva, Zurich, Hong Kong, Singapore or Dubai?
Check out - they just won industry award

Expat Wives: Blog Post for You

British expat woman in Turkey raising funds to help train families still recovering from earthquake of 1999

Expats: Online Magazine for Parents Raising Little Global Citizens

Expat Issues: Cauldrons of Cultural Complexity, Deal-Breaking Weather, Fashion Faux-Pas

Expat Women moving to the U.S.? Check out Girlfriend Circles to meet new friends in your area

Funny: Expats Helping to Re-Write Chinglish Signs In Shanghai

Expats: Looking For The 'Good Life' in France?
and WAIF (Women Alone in France)

Expat Secrets: Great Week of Posts about Damaging Expat Behaviors from Expat Coach Marie Brice

Do expats really have a better life abroad?

Does abuse occur in expat communities?

Congrats to Winners: Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards


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January Edition of Mobility Magazine Online

Hi Everyone, If you are in the expat, global mobility and/or relocation industries, you may be interested in the January 2011 edition of the Worldwide ERC® Mobility Magazine, which features the following:

2011 Worldwide ERC® President Susan Schneider, SCRP, GMS
By Frank Mauck

Relocation Training 2011 and Beyond
By Nancy Harmann, ABRM, ABR, CRP, CRS, GMS, GRI, PMN, SRES, WRS, and Ryan Carrell, CRP

Andrea's note: Are there any training qualifications that Nancy does not have? ;-)

The Power of Virtual Teams
By Charlene Solomon

Destination Profile: The United Kingdom
By Anne Dean, GMS, and Julian Grose-Hodge, GMS

2010 Worldwide ERC® Global Thought Leaders

Relocation Integration: Primary Component to Any People Strategy
By Jill Heineck, CRP

Hey, Where is My Replacement?
By Daniel T. Bloom, SPHR, SSBB, SCRP

The Price of Inaccuracy: Eight Ways for Improving International Payroll Compliance
By Tim McCarney, GMS

Lessons Learned
By Jennifer Rosene

Happy reading!  Andrea

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Happy 4th Birthday Expat Women & Blog Shout-Out Competition!

Hi Everyone, Today is ExpatWomen's 4th Birthday online. It is a day that we celebrate all of the wonderful supporters like you in our audience - who send us positive emails, contribute ideas and who help us gain new members by telling your friends to join as well. (More members = more sponsors = more bills paid = we stay online longer!)

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Expat Women Blog Shout-Out Competition:

To celebrate our birthday, we are randomly giving away one US$100 voucher to one lucky blogger who gives us a positive, happy birthday shout-out on their blog - anytime between now and midnight 31 January 2011 (US EST).

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Expat Women January 2011 Home Page

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year! Now that you are probably back from any great holiday that you enjoyed over Christmas/New Year, please take a few minutes to read, share, tweet and be inspired by our Expat Women January features. Many, many thanks and we wish you a fabulous start to 2011! Andrea


Success Story
Elaine Young
CEO & Co-Founder, Shama
Elaine Young, mother of three, is a savvy expat entrepreneur based in Hong Kong. In 2009, Elaine was named the Entrepreneur of the Year by the prestigious RBS Coutts and Financial Times, Women in Asia Awards, and in 2010 she successfully sold her multi-million dollar property business…

Business Idea
'Chef in Berlin'
Jill DiGiovanni
When growing up near Niagara Falls, Jill DiGiovanni dreamt of being happily swept away. Her dream came true; first when she began cooking as a chef on the seas, and now, while running her own business as a chef in Berlin...

Travel Writing
6 Tips to Make it Better
Sybil Baker

When I first moved to South Korea to teach English in 1995... I would write long letters home to my parents detailing the mystifying and fascinating world of “exotic” Asia. My parents would share those letters with friends or other relatives, and invariably people would say...

Global Students
The New Global Student: Skip The SAT, Save Thousands On Tuition And Get A Truly International Education
Maya Frost
In 2005, Mindfulness Trainer Maya Frost put her creative, "eyes-wide-open" strategies into action by selling everything in suburban America and moving abroad with her husband Tom and their four teenage daughters...

Getting Help
Living Without a Net: Getting Help, Far From Home
Sean D Truman, PhD LP And Susan Bernstein
The experience of moving and living overseas is, as all expats know, a compelling and even seductive event... There are times, however, when our coping mechanisms break down, and it becomes difficult if not impossible to make the adjustments that are necessary to do well...

Expat Confession
Finding The Right School

Expat Women Girlfriend
We are on the verge of moving to Lithuania and I was wondering if you could please give me some tips to help me choose the 'best fit' school for our 7 year old son. All of the school websites I have visited make each school look so picture-perfect, but...

* * *

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