Monday, November 26, 2007

Expat Women December Newsletter

Here's a sneak preview of what's in store for our December Members' Newsletter:

For our December Success Story, Jill interviews Dr Glenda Stone (an Australian) - the incredibly inspiring woman behind AuroraVoice in the UK.

Andrea interviews our Mentor of the Month, Vicel (Filipino) in Afghanistan. Read all about Vicel's first impressions of Afghanistan and why she doesn't want any other women to go through what she went through.

Jill tells us what she learnt in Denver, US, in late October, at the Employee Relocation Council (ERC) Conference which attracted 1,500 people from all around the globe.

Andrea interviews Lucy MacCauley, Editor of our December Book of the Month, 'The Best Women's Travel Writing 2007'.

Jenny Early (a young Brit in The Netherlands) helps us out by interviewing Barbara Rogoski (American) - the "spiritual teacher in a business suit". Barbara relocated to the Netherlands many years ago and now runs her innovative business, 'Authentic Matters'.

Andrew Apps (Goodhealth Worldwide) writes an article for us about what to do when your partner is abroad and you are worried about their medical care (which was raised as an issue by one Member in our Forums recently).

Our Expat Confessions writers serve up their answers to our Party Animal and Holiday Sadness confessions. If either of these scenarios sound like you, you might find some ideas/feedback that will help you feel better about and/or improve your situation.

And that's not all!

We hope to send the newsletter out on December 3 or 4, US time. If you are not already an Member but would like to be, please sign up Here. (If it takes 10 seconds or so to click over, please bear with us. It's hopefully only a 72-hour glitch. Thanks.)

We really appreciate your support and best wishes for this last week in November.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Expat Women in MORE Magazine (U.S.)

Yes, it's true, we just read the article ourselves (thanks to Toni Summers Hargis who kindly sent it to us today). Granted, our three mentions are only small, but all media mentions are very welcome and we thank Michele Marchetti, the freelance writer who contacted us several months ago when researching her article for MORE magazine (a magazine for women aged 40+) about working abroad.

The article is a great read, full of examples of real-life women who took the plunge to work overseas, in various parts of the globe. So if you're contemplating working overseas, or you are already abroad and love reading stories about women like yourselves, you can pick up a copy (if you're in the US) now - it's in MORE Magazine's December/January edition.

Or read it online here...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Expat Women -- Want to win $100?

Dear Expat Women,

We are looking for your expat stories. Our reader submitted story section is very low on stories this month. One reason is that we switched to a dedicated server and the service was unavailable for a few days, but now you have no excuses!

We all would love an extra $100-- especially now that holiday session is approaching!

If you'd like a chance at winning US$100 US dollars, submit your story on our ExpatWomen website Here.

So, what are we looking for in a story? An Expat Women Story is about a real-life experience that you have had as an expatriate woman. We welcome stories of both positive and negative experiences, because we believe that this is a more accurate reflection of life’s ups and downs. Try not to leave out any of the details – our readers want to re-live the experience exactly how you felt it.

We cannot wait to "read" from you!

Edit of 24 November: It is possible that our story database is still playing up, so to be safe, please copy and paste your story into an email to Jill here. Thanks.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How to ensure you always receive your ExpatWomen Newsletter?

Dear Expat Women Newsletter Subscribers,

We want to ensure that you are able to receive our monthly newsletter and so are requesting that you add to Your White List.

(We recently added our own anti-spam measures on most of our email accounts. If you send us an email, all you will be required to do is hit reply to an email you receive to confirm that you are a real person and not a spam bot!)

Add us to your White List

Unsolicited, unwanted emails, fake newsletters, and lots of advertising emails are commonly known as "Spam". Spam has become a huge problem for those of us with email accounts. It's reached such proportions that most email services and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have put some sort of blocking or filtering system in place or have begun relying on self-proclaimed blacklists to tell try to tell the good guys from the bad and filter out a lot of this "Junk".

This has also caused us a huge problem in that many of you use ISP's or email providers such a Yahoo, who auto send our replies to you, or our newsletters to the junk folder-and you don't see them. Even when we receive an enquiry email from you asking where your newsletter is, when we reply, this also ends up in your junk folder and you don't receive this email either!

But there is a solution. Add to your White List now, before your delivery is interrupted in any way. Of course, every email system is different, so check your email software’s HELP file. You can also contact your ISP's customer service support for their specific instructions. Many provide tutorial that will make life easy for you to achieve the task of White Listing email by providing you with step by step instructions for achieving this.

Many popular email programs, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc., don't provide a convenient way for you to White List the email sources that you want to receive email from. Normally you can go into the SPAM or JUNK folder, find the email, and right mouse click on it to add it to your list of secure emails.

It is best to contact customer service or the Postmaster at the company that provides your email or Internet connection (your ISP). Explain to them that email from is mail that you asked for and value. Ask them if they can White List the email address for you.

They'll probably ask you for some information:

Sending Address:

To ensure that your email is delivered to your Yahoo Inbox (not the Bulk/spam Mail folder), you can instruct Yahoo to filter it to your Inbox.

Here's how:
• Open your Yahoo mailbox.
• Click Mail Options.
• Click Filters.
• Next, click Add Filter.
• In the top row, labeled From header: make sure contains is selected in the pull-down menu.
• Click in the text box next to that pull-down menu, then enter the address in the "From" line of your most recent
• At the bottom, where it says Move the message to:, select Inbox from the pull-down menu.
•Click the Add Filter button again.

More info

If you are using Hotmail, you can ensure that email is delivered to your Inbox by adding our "From" address to your Safe List.

Here's how:
• Click the Options tab.
• Select Safe List. (It's under the heading Mail Handling.)
• In the space provided, enter the address in the "From" line of your most recent email.
• Click Add.
• When you see the address you entered in the Safe List box, click OK.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Home Page & November Newsletter

Good news, our new and updated November home page is now online. Our November Newsletter should be sent out on Monday 5 November (US time), all going well. We are going through some more server changes behind-the-scenes this week, so we thought it best to wait until next week to send out the Newsletter. Best wishes for a great November!

PS. If you missed any of our previous Newsletters (jam-packed with interviews and interesting features), you can read them all Here.

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