Monday, June 6, 2011

And the Winners of the Expat Women Book Launch Competition are...

Hi Everyone, We're delighted to announce the winners of our first Expat Women book launch competition for our new motivational book, Expat Women: 50 Answers to Your Real-Life Questions about Living Abroad. The winners, and their fantastic prizes are...

Prize 1: Career, Recruitment and/or Personal Branding Coaching - Valued at US$1,010!
Winner = Carrie Shearer!

Lois Freeke
Lois Freeke is an award-winning recruitment manager and career and personal branding strategist. She helps expats, executives and entrepreneurs manage their careers and effectively differentiate themselves for career and business success.

Prize 2: Personal Branding, Career or Executive Coaching – Valued at US$900!
Winner = Andrea Cummings!

Megan Fitzgerald helps expats seeking inspiration and a sense of purpose draw out "untapped expertise" to become highly visible, sought after and land work abroad. She works with these global minded professionals and entrepreneurs to find what they do best to build careers that fit who they are and the life they want to live overseas.

Prize 3: Career and/or Executive Coaching – Valued at US$660!
Winner = Heidi Reyes!
Clear Horizon Coaching (Rebecca Wells)
Clear Horizon Coaching provides career advancement and personal branding coaching for senior and middle management executives. Clear Horizon Coaching helps you raise your profile and get ahead at work in 2011.

Prize 4: Career Coaching – Valued at US$500!
Winner = Heather Detrick!
Global Career and Life Coach, Anne Egros, specializes in helping global executives, international managers and expatriates developing their international career. She helps her clients to have a successful expat life and provides support for transition management.

Prize 5: Blogging Consultation and Free eBook, Audio Book and More – Valued at US$499!
Winner = Gry Tina Tinde!
Successful Blogging (Annabel Candy)
Successful Blogging teaches small business owners and writers how to tap into the power of blogging to market their business or build a platform for their writing.

Prize 6: Writing Coaching – Valued at US$480!
Winner = Nicole Gรถksel!
Summertime Publishing (Jo Parfitt)
Jo Parfitt is the author of 28 books and runs Summertime Publishing. She specializes in helping new expat writers to get into print and loves empowering others to find their story and their voice.

Prize 7: Passport Career database access (3 months) – Valued at US$395!
Winner = Cynthia Woods!
Passport Career (Susan Musich)
Passport Career is a dynamic global job search tool (with loads of useful information) for organizations to support accompanying partners of international assignees.

Prize 8: Expatriate Life Coaching – Valued at US$300!
Winner = Genevieve Faith!
Live Life Now Coaching (Nicola McCall)
Live Life Now Coaching specializes in coaching for expatriate life and work issues. It aims to improve the fulfilment of employees, families and employers during expatriate assignments. Happier expatriates make happier employees, families and successful assignments!

Prize 9: Amazon Kindle (WiFi) – Valued at US$156!
Winner = Carole Mobbs!
Amazon Kindle
Kindle Wireless Reading Device. Wi-Fi. 6" Display. The #1 Bestseller on Amazon.

Prize 10: Amazon Gift Voucher – Valued at US$100!
Winner = Jacqueline van Gent!
Amazon Gift Vouchers
Buy something you have been saving up for on Amazon. Redeemable at your Amazon store of choice.

Congratulations to all of our winners and a big thanks to all of you who supported us and bought a copy of our new book. All winners will be emailed individually in the next 48 hours and should confirm their acceptance of their prize within seven (7) calendar days. For full terms and conditions of our competition, please click here.

Thanks and have a day/evening! Andrea

PS. If you have not yet downloaded a free sample of (some of) our book, but would like to, please click here. Thanks. :)

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