Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Missed Some More Great Expat Links on Twitter? (15-16 June 2011)

Hi Everyone, Here are some great expat-related links I have tweeted recently, that might interest you. Enjoy! Andrea

Expat writes letter to China explaining why she decided to stay

Expat Entrepreneurship - A Lesson in Resistance and Acceptance

Families split due to work: ‘Colony of wives’ in Mississauga

Time to Return to Traumatised Japan

9 Reasons Not To Retire Overseas (And Why They Don't Matter)

Why You Should Visit a New Destination

British Expat Uproar as Denmark Bans Marmite

In Search of a Better Life - History of British and Irish Migration

400,000 Indian Expats in Singapore - Are They Living the Best of Both Worlds

Why does this expat entrepreneur live in Bali?

Where's home for you? Geographical schizophrenia. Spiritual geography. Expat life.

Do You Work Too Hard? Some Cultural Perspectives

The Bilingual Advantage

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