Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Money Matters for Expat Women

Hi Everyone, If you are interested in learning more about money matters, including how they relate to expatriate issues, please do take a look at our Expat Women Money Matters page, anytime.

Here are some of our recent additions to that page:

The Expat Spouse as Household CFO: Basic Principles You Need to Know About Investing
Chad Creveling and Peggy Creveling

Investing is a full-time profession for many, and myriads of books have been written on the hows and whys of making smart investment decisions. Expats also must consider the role that different currencies and tax jurisdictions should play in their portfolio. Given the complexity involved, our goal here is to simply introduce you to some of the concepts behind successful investing...

Managing Currency Risk: As an American Abroad, In What Currency Should I Save and Invest? Part 1 of 2: Principles of Sound Currency Management
David Kuenzi, CFP®

Currency issues are often one of the most vexing and least well understood issues for investors. This is especially true for Americans abroad whose salaries and other income sources are often denominated in currencies other than U.S. Dollars (USD). The good news is that understanding how to properly incorporate currency considerations into a sound, long-term investment strategy is much easier than commonly understood...

Managing Currency Risk: Part 2 of 2: Practical Guide to Building a Globally Diversified, Multi-currency Investment Portfolio
David Kuenzi, CFP®

In this part two, we provide a practical guide on how and where investors can go to construct a globally diversified, multi-currency investment portfolio. Are multi-currency portfolios the exclusive realm of the ultra-wealthy who have accounts all around the globe? Do we have to open up investment accounts in the U.S. and Europe or buy complicated currency hedging products, such as futures or swaps?

Business Finances for Expat Women Entrepreneurs: Corporate Structures, Expat Taxes and Retirement Planning
David McKeegan

If you are a budding expat entrepreneur who has settled offshore permanently, establishing your business in your host country might be an appealing option. However, if you are planning on being abroad for just a few years - not forever - or you plan on living in multiple countries abroad, you may want to incorporate in your home country (depending on rules in your home country, of course)...

8 Tips for Controlling Your International Health Insurance Costs
Philip McCusker

It used to be that the two things you could be certain of in life were death and taxes. The third one should be increasing insurance premiums every year for your health care. Even globe-trotting executives who are fortunate enough to have their family's health care covered by their employer might face a bit of a shock...

7 Financial Tips to Help Expatriates Prepare for When Danger and Disaster Strike Abroad
Lisa R. Mitchell

In Egypt during the civil unrest, the government shut down the Internet. Try conducting banking activities without phone or Internet service. How would you move money, pay bills and conduct other necessary banking transactions if you were stuck in the middle of political unrest or living in a country that experienced a natural disaster...

...and we have plenty more Money Matters articles here.

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