Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Missed Some Great Expat Links on Twitter? (28-29 June 2011)

Hi Everyone, Here are some great expat-related links I have tweeted recently, that might interest you. Enjoy! Andrea

Plight of the Expat Spouse - NY Times

Expat Women Confessions: I Paint in the Nude

Are your parents in US Foreign Service? Check out this organization that's all about you

New Cost of Living Facebook application by Expat Finder

Infographic: When foreigners dream about the US, where do they want to live?

UAE Firms Still Not Able to Hire Expat Women in Public Relations Jobs

6 Tips on How to Find a Decent Expatriate Job in China

French-speakers? Interview with Corine Gantz, a French expat in the US and author of Hidden in Paris

Expats Struggle to Get Mortgages in France

Expat Tutors Must Come Clean to the Taxman or Pay the Price

Expat in Germany, Nicole, Learns the Hard Way that Some Locals want to Teach Foreigners a Lesson http://bit.ly/kqh0fl

5 Tips for Repatriation

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