Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Want one of Your Expat Stories included in Jo Parfitt's updated book 'Forced to Fly'?

Hi Everyone, Here is a message from our good friend, Jo Parfitt (author of 28 books and an expert on the expat writing scene)...

"Back in 1998 I published an anthology of humorous writings about living overseas and called it 'Forced to Fly'. I sold over 2,000 copies and one forward-thinking international oil company even bought 200 copies to give to their international staff. Now, thanks to constant prods from satisfied readers I have decided to republish it in a second edition later this year.

So, to celebrate, I would like to include 20 new pieces of writing of up to 1,000 words in length. They can be on any specific incident or any theme that could only have happened to you because you were living abroad. Like how amusing your life became when you lived in Holland and began to travel everywhere by bicycle, or how you entered into the local Oktoberfest with more gusto than was appreciated, or the pickle you found yourself in when driving in India.

Laughter is the best medicine and Forced to Fly not only makes readers laugh with its funny stories, but also includes chapters on coping with culture shock and how to be happy. In the second edition we will also have a brand new chapter on developing resilience.

Entries will close on August 31st 2011. All winning entries will appear in the book and winners will not only receive two free copies and have the ability to buy additional copies of the book at discount but their entries will be included on the blog throughout 2012. Please send your entries to me (Jo Parfitt) via email."

This is a great opportunity to have one of your articles published. So if you are interested, get your thinking caps on, and good luck! Andrea :)

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