Sunday, June 5, 2011

FIGT Conference - 2012 Dates Announced & Speaker Proposals Now Invited

Hi Everyone, The dates for the 2012 FIGT (Families In Global Transition) conference have now been announced. Next year's conference will held 29 - 31 March, again in Washington D.C..

If you are interested in speaking, proposals are now invited. The deadline is September 9, but that day will come around very quickly, so it would be smart to start your proposal now. 

Click here to see who presented at the 2011 conference. 

Click here for details of how to present at the 2012 conference.  

I hope that many of you wonderfully wise expatriate and repatriate women apply! Andrea :)

Words from FIGT

"For over 10 years, the annual Families In Global Transition conference has inspired, educated and brought together those serving families on global assignments as well as family members themselves.

The FIGT community of speakers has included top professionals across all sectors. FIGT's mission is to promote the positive value of the international experience, and empower the family unit and those who serve it before, during and after international transitions.

Our work is spread to hundreds worldwide through the words of our distinguished conference speakers and the connections they make with attendees."

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Kathleen said...

SO happy to hear it's Washington,DC...maybe this time I will get there! Even to miss one year is missing out! Kathleen

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