Friday, December 4, 2009 & 3D Mirror World Twinity Create First Expat Virtual Relocation Service

Hi Everyone, Our friends at Expat Finder last week announced that they have partnered with Twinity to launch what they are calling the first supportive virtual world relocation service to help expats and relocating individuals prior to, or during, their relocation abroad.

They are starting out with Berlin, and free guided expat relocation tours of Berlin are being offered every Wednesday at 2pm GMT 1. (Berlin: 2pm; New York: 8am ; Singapore: 9pm)

"Those considering to move to real Berlin can now join free pre-arrival tours and expat meet ups organized in a designated area of its virtual counterpart. From a home or office computer, expats and their families can download a free guide, meet at a personal guided tour and get an idea of the layout of the city, the distances involved and the amenities in the new location before they arrive. With Twinity expats can become acquainted with local networking groups and community meet-ups prior to arrival.

Pre-arrival tours of host destinations are already an established relocation tool and popular with expats and their families as a means of familiarizing themselves with their new location, but the partnership offers the chance to get a feel for a city or neighborhood without leaving home. Expats, their employers, service providers and local companies all have something to gain from the true to scale virtual world experience. "

Visit now to download Twinity and join the virtual world and/or download your free (and very good, I might add) Berlin Expat City Guide. Best wishes, Andrea.

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