Monday, December 7, 2009

2010 Families In Global Transition Conference Sessions Announced

Hi Everyone, What a fantastic Families in Global Transition (FIGT) conference the Board has lined up for March 4-6 in Houston next year! The conference sessions have just been announced and we've summarised them for you here:

Plenary Sessions

Encouraging the Courage of Children, Robert Ivany

Whether we serve in the corporate, non profit or military fields, relocating our families remains the largest single challenge for most professionals. With the hindsight of 24 moves in 34 years and the experience of school systems ranging from parochial to international, private to public, the Ivany family has benefitted from diverse communities. In order to reap the advantages on a global environment and a nomadic lifestyle, however, a significant amount of preparation is essential. Dr. Ivany and his lovely wife, Marianne, will share antidotes and insights into the joy and challenge of raising four children in unique surroundings. They believe that a positive attitude, love for each other and an appreciation of the national culture can combine to create mature, young adults ready to face the changes of the modern world.

ATCK: And Then Came Kate, Apple Gidley

Apple Gidley's closing keynote address will discuss the many transitions that have been a part of her life: from multiple school changes and finally boarding school; to segueing from expat brat to expat wife and expat mother; to finding fulfilling roles both in the voluntary and commercial sector. It will discuss how twenty-six relocations throughout twelve countries have intrinsically given her a deep awareness, and understanding, of many cultures. Apple will also talk briefly about the attitudes encountered along the way of expatriates, their sponsoring organizations, and the host countries. Recognition of expat terminology is becoming more widely accepted in the HR world, and with it a greater understanding of what a global upbringing can bring to the workforce. These and other relevant issues will be touched on, with Apple drawing on her many experiences to highlight certain points.

Cross Sector Panel: "Learning Across Sectors"
Three veteran FIGT participants will make up this panel that will share practices learned from their colleagues in different sectors. A lively interaction will take place among panel members as they share examples of adapting practices learned from the experiences of others' sector successes or failures. The audience will be challenged to continue the conversation at their own table and throughout the conference.

Teen/Parent Panel: "Relative Distance"Moderator: Lois J. Bushong
Teens and their parents will discuss in a lively and interactive manner some of the challenges of being internationally mobile. Our format will highlight the ways perceptions can vary between teens and parents and within families who have purportedly witnessed the same events. It will be entertaining to see how the perceptions vary between the teen and their parent, hence the distance - emotional as well as geographical.

Concurrent Sessions

Cracker Barrels

Click Here to learn more about attending the 2010 Families in Global Transition conference in Houston, Texas. Conference fees range from only US$350 - US$750.

I'm a big supporter of FIGT, having loved the two conferences I have attended. The sessions are great, but it is the people that you meet that truly make the event memorable. If you have never gone, but would like to go... maybe 2010 is your year.... Think about it.

Enjoy your day/evening! Andrea.

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