Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Need Your Expat Stories

Hello Everyone, Please grab a bit of time this month to submit your stories of expat living. has received more than 200 story submissions since we launched two years ago, but for some reason, we do not have any stories yet this month. Has everyone been on holidays?

Great! Then you should have plenty of adventures to share. (Smile)

If you are not sure what we are looking for, take a read of some of the great stories we have from expat women like you already, or take a quick read of our story guidelines.

If you have already submitted a story, fabulous, you know how to do it, so please submit again.

We are still planning to use the best stories to turn into a book one day. So please, help us out, share your experiences... and maybe someday, your name and story will be in our book!

Thanks and best wishes, happy writing, Andrea.

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