Friday, January 16, 2009

FIGT Conference Speaker List

Hi Everyone, I have just read through the very impressive list of speakers at this year's upcoming Families in Global Transitions (FIGT) Conference and highly recommend that you take a look - either to convince you to attend, or to find some potentially great contacts for your business, especially if you work in one of the following fields or service one of the following clientele groups:

Relocation, TCKs (Third Culture Kids), Cross-Cultural Training, Coaching, Intercultural Studies, International Schools, Global Nomads, Personal Development, helping Military Families, Foreign Service Personnel, Linguistics, International Living and more.

There are 62 (!) speakers on the list - all of whom look like will add value to this year's conference in Houston, United States, March 5-7.

If you are planning to go to the conference, I'd love to meet you there. Just drop me a line. Thanks and best wishes, Andrea.

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