Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Been To TravBuddy.com?

Hi Everyone, If you are an expat who enjoys looking at world maps and counting the number of places you have been to, or would like to go to, then take a look at TravBuddy.com.

We learned about it today, when approving one of the latest links on our Expat Women Blog Directory.

It's simple, but it's cool. Just sign up, then tick the places you have been to. It will then produce for you a map of the world, shading in the countries/areas that you have visited. It also tells you what percentage of the world you have been to - maybe to give you some incentive to travel more and see more. Smile.

You can also upload your end-results-map (in varying sizes) to your blog, FaceBook, MySpace account etc. Just a little fun...

Here are some official words about TravBuddy:

"TravBuddy is a site for people who love to explore the world around them. You can use TravBuddy to find travel buddies, record travel experiences in travel blogs, or share travel tips with travel reviews. You can register for free or take a tour to learn more about the site."

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