Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Expat Women January Newsletter

Hi Everyone, We have just finished sending out our Expat Women Members' Newsletter for January. If you are signed up and you did not receive the newsletter, please let us know here.

In addition to all of our January home page features, our newsletter showcases January's winning story, shares Rachel Farris' article Relocating Your Pet With The Right Vet and announces our monthly winner of the fabulous Explorer Publishing mini-guide pack.

Thanks and enjoy your day/evening! Andrea

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Marilyn Stowe said...

I wonder if I could please add a little more to the article published by my partner Frank Arndt following my experience in a recent case.
For any married couple moving abroad, could I highlight one major problem to iron out before the move takes place;- and that is the legal position if the marriage breaks down. Most wives have no idea that they could be permanently disadvantaged if the law of the country they are moving to, outside England and Wales is applied. They may for example lose out on life time maintenance and have no way of earning a suitable income post divorce. They may find they cannot simply move back to the England with the children. One way of dealing with the problem is by entering into a post nuptial agreement before leaving the UK, in which it is agreed as a minimum, that any divorce proceedings will be heard in England, the divorce settlement could even be agreed, and the residence and education of the children could also be agreed. I appreciate this is pretty tough on a couple who are committed to each other - but experience teaches me that marriages do break down under changed circumstances and there should be protection for the "weaker" spouse in those circumstances to the full extent of the English law- or why move country and risk it?
I also dont see why the employer who requires the move abroad, shouldnt pay for such an agreement to be put in place, in the same way as the employment contract. All parties will then at least have some protection.
The point is, the legal position post move has to be considered before the move is made or post move, but before it is too late. I really do advise anyone in that position to take immediate advice from an English solicitor.
Marilyn Stowe
Senior Partner
Stowe Family Law LLP.

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