Saturday, January 10, 2009

Australian Expats & Repats

Hi Everyone, If you are an Australian living abroad (or recently returned home) and you have not heard of Advance, you might like to take a minute to check out their site.

It was not until Advance invited me (thanks to Sue Ellson of the Newcomers Network) to an event last month that I learnt about Advance - and I am impressed by their 11,000 (!) members, global reach and extensive industry networks.

By the way, I see on the Advance home page that a link to the Australian Woman of the Year in the UK Award, sponsored by Qantas. The inaugural winner of the award in 2008 was Glenda Stone (congratulations Glenda) who we interviewed as an Expat Women Success Story in 2007. I met Glenda at the event last month and she is lovely. If you are an Australian and would like to be in the running for 2009's award, visit the link above and good luck!

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Anna said...

Hi. I have just found your website and love the fact that there are more women like me out there. I am an Australian mother living in France going through the beginnings of a divorce and need someone with experience to talk to. I too have left a verbally abusive husband who always said he would go back to Aus to live but he has since changed his mind. I would appreciate any advice given. Thank you and to all those other women, stay strong. I know i am at the start of this roller coaster but am going to make that my motto. Anna

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