Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trailing Spouses Working Abroad: Jeff Porter's Interviews with Jo Parfitt, Bertrand Fouquoire & Terri Williams

Dear Friends, If you are a Trailing Spouse, there is a good chance that you might enjoy this interview between Jeff Porter and portable career expert, Jo Parfitt.

Jeff Porter (founder of TrailingSpouse.net and now TheAusmerican) talks to Jo Parfitt about: Jo's book Career In Your Suitcase (3rd edition), which we featured on our Expat Women home page last month; the notion of when/how/if to look for a 'real job' abroad; the difficulties, but also rewards, of a portable career; some of the professional identity issues and stereotypes associated with trailing spouses; modern technology... and more.

If you still have stamina, you might like to also check out Jeff's interview with Bertrand Fouquoire (founder of DualExpat.com). Bertrand's website is in French, but the interview is in English. A HR Professional by background, Bertrand's goal is "to develop an international network for dual-career expat partners, plus help match companies with expat talent".

But wait, there's more...

Jeff also has interesting interviews with Terri Williams (of Seneca Coaching Solutions) about the job search process: interviews; resume-writing; negotiating the job offer etc. And I am sure he will add more in the future.

If any of these topics interest you, maybe listen to these talkcasts in the background, while you are working on other things, like I did...

Thanks Everyone and best wishes for your day/evening! Andrea

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