Monday, June 30, 2008

Expat Women July Home Page

Hi Everyone! We hope you are really well. Our news today is that we just uploaded our July Home Page, if you would like to take a look:

Success Story: Paula Lucas
Founder of the American Domestic Violence Crisis Line
Paula lived what looked like an ideal life in the UAE: A Newsweek photo-journalist husband, worldwide travel, a successful business and beautiful sons. But in reality, she was trapped by domestic violence. Her chance to escape materialized, thanks to a thief…

Globe Women Summit Report
5-7 June, Hanoi, Vietnam
Have you ever wondered what 1,000 women, from 72 economies, would talk about if they were gathered together in the same room? Well, at the recent Globe Women Summit, it certainly was not football, cars or plasma televisions, that’s for sure…

Expat Confession: No Money Left
We answer this confession:
"In a few months, my partner and I will be returning to home base. We have enjoyed postings in Bangkok, Madrid, Berlin and now Vietnam, indulged in amazing holidays, eaten at spectacular restaurants and basically had a lifestyle that was second-to-none. The problem now is that this move home has made us realize that we have no more than two months’ salary saved in our joint bank account – which is virtually nothing. This is causing us both great anxiety, as we now see that we have been a little careless with our impressive salaries abroad and we are concerned that we have not set ourselves up properly for the future. What can we do?"

Eliminating Negative Talk: 5 Easy Steps
Thanks to Rebecca Wells
"At any stage in life you can encounter feelings of self-doubt and lethargy. It is estimated that we each have between 5,000 and 15,000 negative thoughts a day – rearing their ugly heads most prevalently when we are feeling vulnerable. Although moving and living abroad can be extremely exciting and often a positive step to make in life, it can also bring with it new challenges that test you to your limit and can leave you doubting your capabilities..."

Gap Years: Myths & Tips
Thanks to Jenny Early
"Gap Years seem to be like Marmite and world wars: They divide people into two groups - those who believe and those who do not. They may be a mistake for some, but for the majority, I am sure they are not..." Read Jenny's myths and tips...

LARM: Latin American Relocation Management
Valued Partner
Thanks to our friends at Trafimar Relocations (Relocation Specialists: In & Out of Mexico), we now have a relationship with LARM (who we have promoted on our home page for July, then will go on to feature on our Latin American pages for the rest of the year). If you are looking for relocation services in/out of Latin America, please do check out LARM's site first.

"LARM, is Latin America’s leading relocation service company. For the past thirty years, this group of 20 companies, in 19 locations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, has provided exceptional relocation services to thousands of corporate and individual customers."

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