Tuesday, July 8, 2008

1st World Congress For Women Empowerment, France, November 2008

At the recent Globe Women conference in Hanoi, I caught up again with dynamo Dr Amany Asfour, the President of the Egyptian Business Women Association, who asked me to promote an exciting upcoming conference:

Conference Title: 1st World Congress for Women Empowerment
Theme: Women Empowerment to Meet the Millennium Dev't Goals
Date: 19 - 22 November 2008
Location: Lyon, France
Cost: 600 Euro (before 1 Oct 2008) or 700 Euro (after 1 Oct 2008)
Objectives: Click Here
Topics: Social, Economic & Political Empowerment of Women
Who Should Attend: Click Here

Background: "In the year 2000, the member states of the United Nations signed the Millennium Declaration, which led to the adoption of the Eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Five years later at the UN World Summit in 2005 countries reaffirmed their commitment to the MDGs. Despite these commitments, there has been mixed progress regionally and across the Globe."

Never heard of the Eight Millennium Development Goals? They are:

  1. "Eradicate Extreme Poverty & Hunger;
  2. Achieve Universal Primary Education;
  3. Promote Gender Equality & Empowerment of Women;
  4. Reduce Child Mortality;
  5. Improve Maternal Health;
  6. Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria & other diseases;
  7. Ensure Environmental Sustainability; and
  8. Develop a Global Partnership for Development."
Best wishes for your day/evening! Andrea

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Anonymous said...

I think that this would be something very appropriate for your website to talk about. Women and girls need to be considered equals in life, and as my story shows, girls can earn the respect they deserve. A very young girls' soccer team played in a league that they dominated. The girls won every game, even against other girls that were older than them. Their coach made a bold move and put them into the boys league. This was met with some criticism, but as the girls did exceptionally well, it made people stop and think about what was fair and right concerning girls and boys. People should not be discriminated against based on gender, and these girls overcame that discrimination. Watch the trailer at www.kicklikeagirlmovie.com and see what you think.

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