Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Want To Help A Reporter and Get Quoted In The Media?

As you know, reporters are constantly looking for sources. They're always writing stories, reporting on something and always need experts in the field. Problem is, they don’t always know how to find the experts that they need.

On the flip side, if you are an expert at something (...and come on, everyone is an expert at something) how do you let the media know you’re available to talk and be quoted when they are writing a story?

Enter: Help A Reporter Out - a US-based site by Peter Shankman, which aims to gather a large database of members interested in helping reporters out and a growing daily list of requests from reporters who need help.

So far, the guy seems to be onto something... he says in this video that he has already built a database of 12,000 sources, used by >2,500 journalists... in just 3 months!

Not sure this site will ever be of benefit to you? Well, you'll never, never know, if you never, never go. Hope it helps some of you.

Best wishes, Andrea.

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Anonymous said...

Great tip, Andrea. Thanks for posting. Don't think I would have found that info myself. All the best to you. Tatiana

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