Friday, July 4, 2008

New GMAC Survey Results (Financial Services Sector) & 15 July Webinar

GMAC Relocation Services have just released the results of their add-on survey: International Mobility in the Financial Services Sector: The Challenge of Emerging Markets. (See details of their primary relocation trends survey results in our May blogpost.)

This add-on survey involved interviews with HR professionals responsible for international assignment strategy at companies with offices throughout the world and employees totalling 1.25 million.

The GMAC press release has some interesting info in it, so we have put it up for you on our Expat Women site at this page.

Take a quick look if it interests you, because the page also details how to get free copies of the surveys, plus how to participate in an upcoming GMAC Webinar exploring the findings of the financial services survey, on 15 July (US time).

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