Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Want To Help Adeline? Ethnic Entrepreneur Research - Deadline 20 July

If you would like to participate in the research that Adeline Wielputz (a Franco-German graduate student) is doing on ethnic entrepreneurs, in terms of how highly-skilled ethnic entrepreneurs have used their ethnic (or expat) status as a competitive advantage in building successful businesses, take a look at Expat Career and Entrepreneur Coach Megan Fitzgerald's blog entry today.

Adeline is looking for entrepreneurs "who have a migrant background. These entrepreneurs can have recently settled in the country, being in the guest country for a long period, or even be born in the guest country. The size and the turnover of the company does not play a role in this research. The firm can also be in the start-up phase."

"Participants need to be: (1) Self-employed; (2) People with a migrant background: that is, be born abroad or have parents/grandparents who were born in a foreign country (1st, 2nd and 3rd-generation immigrants); and (3) Have a business in North America or Europe. The interviews will be conducted in English, German, French or Spanish via conference call."

Deadline is 20 July. So act quickly. Thanks.


Successful Web Women said...

Adeline is doing a very interesting research. I have just passed an interview with her and think it is a very interesting subject.

I wish her all the best for her study and am very interested to see the result.

Successful Web Women

Unknown said...

I would like to thanks those women who contacted me and took part in my empirical research. Their valuable input will be very helpful for my research. The results of my research will be published on Megan Fritzgerald webblog www.careerbychoiceblog.com.


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