Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quick Updates from Expat Women

Hi Everyone, I hope you have all been really well? Whilst our main Expat Women site is still on an indefinite "break", we wanted to share the following quick updates which might be of interest to you...

Permits Foundation International Mobility and Dual Career Survey
Dual career and partner employment concerns impact on the ability to attract employees to international assignments. That is one of the key findings of the latest International Mobility and Dual Career Survey 2012 conducted by the Permits Foundation. Two thirds of employers report that partner careers have an impact on mobility and more than half said that employees had turned down assignments. Click here to see the full survey report.

Women's International Networking (W.I.N.) Conference 2012
This year's W.I.N. conference will be in beautiful Rome, Italy, 3-5(6) October. The theme this year is "Make Space: Find Possibilities". For more details, please visit their main website.

Global Campaign To Empower Americans Abused Abroad
- South America
The Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center is headed to South America: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. If you would like to attend one of their sessions please email Brooke Galloway, for more information.
- Worldwide
In addition, they are running free webinars from September to December, for American women based all over the world. Please for further details.
(Remember, if you are concerned that someone might be tracking your emails and website searches, perhaps use a computer other than your own to enquire about these webinars.)

Families in Global Transition (F.I.G.T.) Conference 2013
Do you have a personal history to share, a work philosophy, a special expertise, research findings, or strategies for successful international relocation? If so, then think about attending and speaking at next year's F.I.G.T. conference in Silver Spring, Maryland (March 22-23). If you are interested, the deadline for speaking proposals is September 10, so hurry here to get started on your proposal.

Blog Directory
Our Expat Women Blog Directory is still very active. New blogs are added all the time. If you have not submitted your expat blog yet, please consider doing so here. We would love to see it.

Another channel that is still actively sharing expat headlines, social media tidbits, motivational quotes and tips from writers around the world is our/my Twitter account.

Thanks and best wishes for your week, Everyone,

Andrea (Martins)


Ryan said...

Awesome work on the site, guys! You've helped my wife so much, which really means a lot to both her and I. Hope you are enjoying your break, but I also hope you'll be back in action before too long. I am also trying to create an online expat resource of myself, so please share any tips you can with me regarding how to make it more helpful to visitors.

All the best,

Expat Women said...

Hi Ryan, Thanks so much for the great feedback. And big 'hi' to your wife. :)

With regards to tips on how to make an expat site more helpful to visitors... that's something that I think you learn as you go, fuelled by both personal experience and by feedback from site visitors, clicks and so forth.

If your site is targeting women only, 'stories' are good. If your site is targeting men only, 'news' articles are good. If you are targeting both, then include both. But remember that you can't be everything to everyone. Focus on what you believe the site adds value in doing. And all the very best!

Andrea :)

Anonymous said...

Incredible post!!!
Really awesome....thanks to share..

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