Thursday, April 26, 2012

Missed Some Great Expat Links on Twitter? (April 26-27 edition)

Hi Everyone, I hope you have enjoyed a fabulous week! Here are some expat links I have tweeted recently that might interest you...

How Expat British Cook Rachel Khoo Got A Taste For Life In Paris

Clements Worldwide Announces Global Launch of its 4th Annual Expat Youth Scholarship

5 Ways To Stay In Your Expat Bubble Abroad

Finding Love When You Least Expect It: An Expat's Story

Get Up Close Personal With "Expats" Author Chris Pavone

Tips For Integrating Successfully Into A New Way Of Life Abroad

Can You Help An Honours Student With Her Survey?
Expatriate Stress & Coping With An Overseas Assignment

Win An Entire AirAsia Plane Flight (Sydney to Kuala Lumpur) For You & 302 Friends

5 Lessons Learned at 2012's FIGT Conference

April's Worldwide ERC Mobility Magazine

Architect's Plan To Connect NY Buildings Via Bridges In The Sky

8 Mistakes Expats Make That Can Leave Them Feeling Disconnected

Repatriates Needed To Help @suziefinnie With Online Survey

And a quote for the week... "Most people don't have you on their mind. Move forward and stop analyzing what you think they are thinking." by @teracarissa via @talentdiva


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