Monday, May 24, 2010

Missed Some Expat Articles On Twitter?

Hi Everyone, Here are some expat-related articles that I have shouted out about on Twitter recently that might interest you:

Managing Yourself: Making It Overseas: Alan versus Debra - Harvard Business Review

Expats: The pros and cons of working and living abroad

New Manpower research reveals 31% of employers worldwide are having difficulty finding the right talent

Thriving as an expat spouse - Success begins before you leave

Expat Life, Expat Death, published in the The Telegraph UK online, by long-term expat and Expat Women supporter Apple Gidley. Sending love to you, Apple. x

Top 50 Most Influential Expats in the Gulf - not one woman made the list

Premium expat packages harder to come by: more companies turn to the local pay scale

Moving? Recommendations for greening your home from the get-go

What happens when expats move on? Repatriation post by Kama Frankling

When an expat family repatriates or moves on, remember those who stay behind, by Emily Prucha

French-speaking expats: check out new French language blog from expat writer Vernonique Martin-Place

Weichert survey results for mobility programs

The Results Are In: 500 Entries Received for the Expat Youth Scholarship! Clements International thanks everyone who participated!

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