Thursday, July 16, 2009

Expat Survey: Italy & The Netherlands

Hi Everyone, Chiara Giordano is looking for expats in Italy and The Netherlands to complete a survey for her thesis research...

"My name is Chiara, an Italian 24 year-old girl living near Milan. I'm currently enrolled in the master of social and political communication at the "Università degli di Studi di Milano".

At this moment I'm involved in my degree thesis concerning the expatriates coming in Italy and in the Netherlands: the process that the expatriate and in particular their family goes through while adapting and adjusting to the host country.

I have prepared a short survey about the move of the expatriate to Italy and the Netherlands... and... I really need your help because it is difficult for me to reach expatriates. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!"

Here are the links with the survey:
Expats in the Netherlands
Expats in Italy

If you can help Chiara, please do. Thanks.

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regina di roma said...

Glad to have found this blog! I'll be sure to fill out the survey for Italy, and to continue following you from

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