Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dubai Documentary: Night Secrets

When visiting Dubai Sunshine (a blog on our Expat Women Blog Directory) today, we found this interesting Frontline World documentary by Mimi Chakarova: Dubai: Night Secrets - The Oldest Profession In The Newest Playground.

This documentary is actually not unique to Dubai. If you have lived in Asia (or other places with similar issues), you will know what we mean. It only runs for 12 minutes and it is quite well done.

So, what is Frontline World? After viewing the documentary, we were curious, so we checked out the Frontline World site and it says that it "is a national public TV series that turns its lens on the global community, covering countries and cultures rarely seen on American television." Other fascinating-looking documentaries include:

  • Guatemala: The Secret Files - How Silicon Valley Helps Uncover a Dirty War
  • Mexico: Crimes at the Border - The Business of Human Smuggling
  • China: Out of the Rubble
  • Zimbabwe: Shopping For Survival
  • Burma: No Turning Back
  • Egypt: Food Riots
  • Pakistan: Student Resistance
  • and many more...

If you are looking for some interesting features and alternative news sources, you might like to add Frontline World to your list.

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