Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Country Links and Settling In Information


Did you know that we list links relating to expat websites and expat clubs for over 194 countries? Find the country you are interested in by using this webpage... http://www.expatwomen.com/countries.php

We are constantly searching for new links, so if you have an expat club or website that is not listed, send us the link!

We also work with local expat website to create a page we call, Settling In Tips. This is a page of summary information supplied by our local country expat web partner explaining issues such as what visas you need, how to get a drivers license, where to buy food, how to pay your bills, etc. Look for the Settling In Tips banner on the top of our Country pages.

If you a local expat web site and would like to partipate, please send us a link!

We just recently launched our City Experiences section. This is where women like you tell other women how it is living in your city, giving them tips or how to settle in faster. No matter where you are living, there are sure to be other expats who have just arrived or who are about to move and would love to hear what you have to say! Send your experiences via our online form. We will start to posts these experiences in October.

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