Friday, June 25, 2010

Missed Some Great Expat Links On Twitter?

Hi Everyone, I hope your week has been going really well.  Here are some of the expat-related articles that I have shouted out about on Twitter recently that might interest you:

Can you repatriate long-term expat managers?

Expats and Entrepreneurs: Read Tom Frost's 'Why We Left': Brilliant!

Military spouse career program reviewed

American journalist in Yemen falls for married US Ambassador. Held at gunpoint. Suicide attack.

Expat rebellion over the (multiple) moving process: American foreign service wife's blog

How to create a career abroad by Jennifer Bradley

3 Ways to Start Your Overseas Job Transition - Harvard Bus Review

Esquire: President Obama Thinks Like A Third Culture Kid (TCK)

Expat Partners: Use your opportunity abroad to reinvent yourselves

Do I Regret Moving Overseas?

How Can Expat Families Prepare for School Placement Interviews?

Expat Parents: Do all children really adjust so easily to a move?

Tips For Expat Partners

Expat Parents: The Risks of Parenting While Plugged In

Expat assignments rising. Survey says companies’ strategies support business objectives. Family? Not mentioned:

Has parenting expatriate children become an Olympic event?

Families in Global Transition Conference Speaker Proposals for March 2011 now open

Female expat spouses in Saudi can connect with flexible opportunities via new Women’s Skills Bureau (WSB) at

Mercer to acquire ORC Worldwide

Expat in Vienna struggles with adaptation to local culture: Ever felt like this?

Expat article: Challenges and opportunities for the trailing spouse

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Thanks Everyone and enjoy your weekend!  Andrea. :-)

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