Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Expat Job Seekers and Entrepreneurs: Can You Be Found?

Hi Everyone, If you are an expat job seeker or entrepreneur, I invite you to read the guest blog post I wrote this week for Adrienne Graham's Fearless Woman Magazine.

The post is entitled Job Seekers and Entrepreneurs: Can You Be Found? and I hope you get something out of it. It starts like this...

"Once upon a time, job seekers looked for jobs, entrepreneurs looked for clients, and occasionally, employers and clients advertised their needs to the general marketplace – crossing their fingers each time and hoping for a positive, quality response. That was the old marketplace.

Today, we are living in a whole new generation of job and client search. Employers are proactively targeting specific job candidates and clients are seeking out the best entrepreneurial businesses with which to partner. The traditionally-hunted have become the hunters, and the old-style hunters have morphed into the hunted. It is a very interesting dynamic and it is shaking up the whole job/client search paradigm.

Example One: The Large Recruiter
Recently, I met a very senior HR Director working for a very large telecommunications company. He told me..."

To read more, please support Adrienne's new online magazine and click here.  Many thanks.  Andrea :-)

PS. Feedback very welcome, by the way (either on our blog or Adrienne's)! 

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