Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Learn From An 86-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who Has Sold 100,000 Knitting Books

Hi Everyone, I read an interview today from Mom Invented®'s Tamara Monosoff, who we featured last month for her new book, Your Million Dollar Dream (affiliate link).

Tamara talked to 86-year-old Betty Lampen who is a knitting pro and who has sold 100,000 copies of her books since 1991. 

We could learn a lot from Betty.  For example:

1. If you have an idea, give it a go!

2. "Never give up. There is always somebody out there who is interested. You just have to find them."

3. You do not need 60 - 100 thousand words to publish a best-selling book. Nor do you need to be the world's leading expert. Betty's books were only 18 pages long (!) and I have a feeling she is not the (only) world expert on knitting.

Questions for You: Do you have an idea for a book?  If you are not writing your book, why not? 


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