Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brats Without Borders & TCKs

Hi Everyone, Last year we interviewed Donna Musil about her excellent documentary, Brats: Our Journey Home.  I invite you to take a read, if you have not already.

If you were a "military brat" or lived the life of a Third Culture Kid (TCK), Brats: Our Journey Home really is a very well-done DVD and I highly recommend it.

Here is some news today from Donna:

"BRATS" Wins Founder's Choice Award at 2010 G.I. Film Festival

"In May, I traveled to Washington, DC to attend the 2010 G.I. Film Festival, the only festival in the country that celebrates the successes and sacrifices of the American military through the medium of film. "BRATS: Our Journey Home" was one of the select films chosen to screen this year, and BRATS was fortunate enough to also win the Founder's Choice Award for the film the founders of the festival thought deserved special attention!

It was a very moving experience. I met so many wonderful people - fellow filmmakers, brats, soldiers, and spouses. There were celebrities there - ABC News co-anchor Bob Woodruff, Glenn Close, Gary Sinise, and others. In fact, Major Laura Law, one of the festival's founders, announced at our screening that journalist Bob Woodruff took the time to personally watch the "BRATS" film and said he loved it and had never seen anything like it!"

I was particularly moved by a documentary called "Honor in the Valley of Tears," directed by Eric Dow, which explored the first-hand account of Congressional Medal of Honor recipient David H. McNerney's experience fighting in the Central Highlands at the height of the Viet Nam War. My father fought in that same area with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. I also really enjoyed a short film by two brat filmmakers - Keva and Karen Keyes - called "Letters From Home!" Please do whatever you can to support this fine festival and our fellow brat filmmakers."  Donna

Free Screenings

Here are some free screenings for you to take advantage of, if you are in the area:

Alexandria, VA - June 25-26, 2010, exact time TBA - Stuttgart All Classes Reunion - Free Screening  Westin Alexandria, 400 Courthouse Square, Alexandria, VA 22314

Wiesbaden, Germany - June 24-27, 2010, exact time TBA - Wiesbaden 2010 General HH Arnold All Classes Reunion - Free Screening - Nh Aukamm Wiesbaden, Aukamm Allee, 31, D-65191 Wiesbaden, Germany

New Orleans, LA - June 25, 2010, 8:30 p.m. - Karlsruhe American High School Reunion - Free Screening - Deutsche Haus, 200 S. Galvez St., New Orleans, LA 70119-6514, 504-522-8014  504-522-8014

Reston, VA - August 5-7, 2010 (1-4 pm on the 5th and 7th, and 9:30am-12:30pm on the 6th - Overseas Brats Homecoming - Free Screening "BRATS: Our Journey Home" and "BRATS RAW: Kristofferson & Schwarzkopf" - Hyatt Regency Reston, Reston Town Square, VA

"BRATS" Available For Rent on YouTube

"For the very first time, the "BRATS" film is available for rent online through YouTube! You asked, and now we've delivered!

It seems the entertainment business is still clinging to its old distribution methods and there aren't many options out there for independent filmmakers, without giving away the farm. Fortunately, YouTube started a program that's just perfect for grassroots efforts like ours! You can rent the film online for $9.99 for 24 hours (45% goes to YouTube, 55% goes to Brats Without Borders). All proceeds go directly to the nonprofit to support our other programs, like Operation Military Brat and the new BRATS Workshops.

We're still hoping to broadcast the film in the U.S., and to find a fair retail distribution deal, but until then, you can buy or rent the film online. Armed Forces Network rebroadcast the documentary everywhere but the U.S. on their Family Channel last April. Hopefully, there's an American television station that thinks the lives of military children are worth acknowledging and exploring." Donna

Keep up your great work, Donna!  Andrea

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