Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Have You Ever Worked Abroad? Would You Like 3 Free Coaching Sessions & A Free Book?

Hi Everyone, Elizabeth Kruempelmann of Global Citizen Coaching is updating the work abroad section of her 2004 book The Global Citizen: A Guide to Creating an International Life and Career (affiliate link) and she is looking for your story of working abroad.

If you have ever worked abroad (as an employee or as a freelancer), or if you have ever taken part in a work-exchange program, internship or volunteer program abroad, Elizabeth would love to hear from you (about what obstacles you faced, how you overcame them and what tips you could offer others). 

Elizabeth says your story does not need to be long: 50 - 300 words is great.  She is just looking for words of wisdom for others who aspire to work abroad.

In return, for each story included in her updated book, Elizabeth is willing to offer three free coaching sessions (on the subject of your choice) plus a copy of her updated book!  That's pretty impressive as an incentive for writing only 50 - 300 words - so get your thinking caps on and give it a go!
Deadline for submissions to Elizabeth is next Monday, 24 May.  The stories selected for inclusion will be announced by Elizabeth (to her network) on 31 May.

Thanks and good luck!  Andrea

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