Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Expat Women May 2010 Newsletter

Hi Everyone, My apologies, I forgot to blog that we sent our Expat Women newsletter in the first week of May (not as bad as forgetting to collect your 75-year-old mother from the grocery store, which happened last week to my friend Anna), so if you were a member then but did not receive your newsletter, please tell us here.

May Newsletter

In addition to our May Expat Women home page features, our newsletter included:

* The name of the winner (Katherine C in China - congratulations Katherine!) of our Amazon Kindle Tell-A-Friend competition.  A big thank you to everyone who supported us by telling their friends about us for that competition!

* The name of our Explorer Publishing mini-guide pack winner;

* Our winning story by Expat Women member Jeanie (a New Zealander in China), entitled Where's My Dessert and Coffee?; and

* A useful article from our Silver Sponsor Clements International..... 10 Things You Need To Know About International Auto Insurance.

If you are not a member of our main site, ExpatWomen.com, please join today to support us (and receive a link to download our free Expat Women e-book "Winning Stories"). This will also mean that next month your newsletter will be delivered directly to your inbox.

Thanks Everyone!  Andrea

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