Monday, May 3, 2010

New Mobility Magazine Edition Online

Hi Everyone, It has been quite a while since we have given a shout-out to Worldwide ERC®'s Mobility Magazine - designed for professionals (or even those just curious) in the expat, global mobility and relocation industries. 

However, their latest edition is now online, so now is a perfect time to click on some of their great articles below and take a read...

Culture and Communication 101
By Sean Dubberke

Crossroads in the Moving and Storage Industry
By Eric Reed, CRP, GMS

Risk Management for Our Times
By Patrick Moore

Security Impact on the Employee Mobility Industry
By Laura May Carmack

Navigating the Comparable Minefield
By Joseph Palumbo, SRA, and Alvin “Chip” Wagner III, SCRP, SRA

The First Steps in Educating Potential Transferees
By Pamela S. Dunleavy, CRP, and Stefanie R. Schreck, CRP, GMS

Regional Real Estate— Planning for the Year Ahead
By Mike Puckett, CRP, and Renee Carnes-Rook, CRP

How to Maintain Healthy Sleep Patterns: Issues of Civil Liability in Immigration Matters
By Ben Kranc

Managed Care Versus Agent Database: What Works in Relocation?
By Pam O’Connor, SCRP, and Sue Carey, SCRP, GMS

Benchmarking Relocation Policies: The Results Are in—Now What?
By Janet Olkowski, SCRP, GMS

Standing the Test of Time? Protecting REO and Short Sale Investments
By Lindsay Filby

Subpart A and SEVIS II: Will Your J-1 Program Sponsor Be Ready?
By Darra Klein

The Decade in Review: How Technology Has Improved the Mobility Process
By Matthew Dickerson, CRP

Technology and Global Mobility: The Future Is Today
By Michael S. Cadden, GMS

Repatriation— a Stranger at Home
By Rashel Meiworm

Safeguarding the Most Precious of Possessions During a Move: One’s Identity
By Glenn Maykish

Happy reading!  Andrea

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